Grand Horizons celebrates the Italian way

On Feb. 5, we had our monthly ladies lunch bunch. Eighteen women attended a lunch that was hosted by Robbie Lockard, which was held at Piccola Italia. I must say that this lunch was  presented in a very nice fashion. The women met at our community center at 11 a.m., so they could discuss upcoming luncheons and also to insure that all women attending had a ride. When we first arrived … [Read more...]

Elvis lives!

The rumors are true. Elvis is alive and well in Dade City. He performed Jan. 25 at Country Aire Manor. Gene Styles put on a "Tribute to Elvis" show for 85 residents. He opened with "Trouble/Heartbreak Hotel." During the show, he had three costume changes, each reflecting the various stages of Elvis Presley’s entertainment career. The final costume was a black jumpsuit that he wore while … [Read more...]

Karaoke party at Grand Horizons

On Jan. 16, there were a little more than 75 residents at the community center where a “meals on wheels” dinner was being served. We were unable to attend, but I do understand from several people that they had a lovely meal consisting of a salad, chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, and apple pie for dessert. This will hopefully be the start of something new, and we will have another dinner in … [Read more...]

The shows, and the food, go on at Grand Horizons

On Jan. 8, a lunch bunch was held at Fresh Country Café and about 25 women attended. There was a variety of dishes, including sandwiches, salads, grilled chicken, fried chicken, tenderloin tips and more. The luncheon was hosted by Helene Rubenstein and there were two door prizes. There was conversation throughout the entire meal and it looks like all had a good time. There were several … [Read more...]

Potluck, gift-swapping and horse racing

On Dec. 23, a potluck was held in the community center, and Nancy Huey and several helpers arranged the whole thing. The helpers consisted of Rachel Gamache, Karen Donlon and Carol Jones. There were approximately 88 Grand Horizons residents, friends and family who attended. Nancy Huey and her helpers did a marvelous job. The afternoon started with Jim Leitzke giving 'Grace,' while the … [Read more...]

Leisure Days prepares for quilt show

The quilters of Leisure Days RV Resort, 34533 Leisure Days Dr., Zephyrhills, on Morris Bridge Road at State Road 54, will host their 14th annual quilt show Feb. 2 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The cost is $5 to view quilts created by individual quilters, wall hangings and specialty quilts from family treasures. For additional informations, call (813) 395-5706. Shown, from left: Peggy Goodmurphy, Shelly … [Read more...]

Christmas with friends, family, and Santa!

On Dec. 14, 144 friends and family enjoyed a Christmas show produced by the group Tin Pan Alley and hosted by Terry Gardner. Before the show started, there was a screen in the front giving the name of the show, the people that were in it and several other bits of information. There were all kinds of decorations, plus a fireplace that was on a miniature screen on the stage. During the … [Read more...]

Lights, camera, action to celebrate Christmas

On Dec. 4, 27 women went to the Cheesecake Factory. There were residents and friends, and one new resident in attendance. The entire lunch lasted over 2 hours with much eating and loads of conversation. I was unable to attend, but if it was anything like the one several years ago, everyone had a terrific time. They have a very good selection on the menu, and the desserts are delicious … [Read more...]

Giving thanks

On Nov. 22, about 90 people were in the community center celebrating Thanksgiving Day. The center was filled with residents and friends talking among themselves and having a wonderful time. A fruit cup was placed in front of each person attending. Before the meal was served, Dave Heim said grace, while we bowed our heads in silence. He did a fine job. After grace, tables were called to get … [Read more...]

Honoring those who served

On Nov. 9, we had our monthly lunch connoisseurs at Texas Roadhouse. If you haven’t been here before, let me tell you that it is a fun place to get a great meal. You come inside the restaurant and a huge juke box is there to greet you, and you can play a song or two on it. The music flows through the restaurant. You are then seated, and every table gets a bucket full of peanuts, along with … [Read more...]