Giving thanks

On Nov. 22, about 90 people were in the community center celebrating Thanksgiving Day. The center was filled with residents and friends talking among themselves and having a wonderful time. A fruit cup was placed in front of each person attending. Before the meal was served, Dave Heim said grace, while we bowed our heads in silence. He did a fine job. After grace, tables were called to get … [Read more...]

Honoring those who served

On Nov. 9, we had our monthly lunch connoisseurs at Texas Roadhouse. If you haven’t been here before, let me tell you that it is a fun place to get a great meal. You come inside the restaurant and a huge juke box is there to greet you, and you can play a song or two on it. The music flows through the restaurant. You are then seated, and every table gets a bucket full of peanuts, along with … [Read more...]

Ghosts, goblins, scarecrows and more

On Oct. 31, Grand Horizons had a Halloween Dance at the community center, and approximately 40 residents and friends were there to enjoy this evening of entertainment. A variety of music was played, such as rock, country, traditional and so much more. There were contests, too. One game included a variety of questions, such as who lived in Grand Horizons the longest, and several others. Of … [Read more...]

Back in the saddle, again

After a long winter being spent in our Connecticut home, we came back to Grand Horizons with the many activities. On Oct. 28, we attended a potluck that at our community center, which was hosted by Nancy Huey. It was well-attended, and 87 residents enjoyed a variety of dishes and many desserts.  There were such dishes as lasagna, salads, vegetables and much more; and, a great deal of desserts, … [Read more...]

An afternoon of Chinese food and fun

On April 13, approximately 40 residents and friends visited Lings Chinese Buffet in Lakeland. This was our monthly lunch connoisseurs get-together. The luncheon was hosted by Sandy and Al Lindke, and we all had an excellent time. Before the lunch started, Galen Parker was good enough to say grace, while we bowed our heads in a moment of silence. We got there a little early, but the room … [Read more...]

A potluck and ice cream social

On March 25, we had a potluck in the community center. Nancy Huey arranged for this to occur and did a marvelous job of getting everyone together. Unfortunately, she was unable to attend that day, so Ron and Rachel Gamache were kind enough to fill her shoes and get it started. Each table had a number and, before tables were called, Jim Leitzke said grace, while the rest of the people bowed their … [Read more...]

Baseball and magic

Twenty residents from Grand Horizons went to a Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees game in Tampa at Steinbrenner field on March 23. The stadium was really nice, and the game was exciting. There is something special in seeing a live game. It started out as a pitching duel, as there were no hits or runs the first several innings but, eventually, Boston broke loose and scored a few runs. It … [Read more...]

Farewell to those heading home

Because some of our residents are heading home soon, our spring picnic in the park took place March 22. Keith Babbitt, Ken Mann and Andy Pratt manned the grills, and flipped burgers and prepared hot dogs for everyone. Carolyn Babbitt and Rachel Pratt made sure everyone got a bun! After the awesome picnic, bocci ball and washer games were enjoyed by both players and spectators. By Mabel … [Read more...]

Volunteer teams in action

Sweetwater RV Resort has many teams of people who work hard to make this park the special place that it is. Without dedicated volunteers, we would not have so many special events and activities, I’m sure! The Jam Team this season has gone above and beyond to offer daytime weekly music jams, evening events and special projects. They used some of their proceeds to spray the bandstand field, when … [Read more...]

Bargains and games

A community yard sale was held on March 17 at the community center of Grand Horizons, as well as some individual houses. This is the time of year that several people look forward to, as they may be able to find certain hard-to-find items either at one of the many homes or in the community center. There were several houses that had sales, and you could find items such as shorts, books, … [Read more...]