Rocky loves the water

Rocky is a pure-bred Rottweiler and is 19 months old. He loves the pool and the dog beaches, and his girl friend, Keri, next door. Rocky’s proud owners are Phil and Sherry Meerovitz, of Lutz. … [Read more...]

A field full of rabbits

Sharon Thompson said there were 10 rabbits in the Country Walk subdivision in Wesley Chapel, at Country Point Boulevard and Rolling Green Drive. The rabbits were very still and appeared to not move a muscle. … [Read more...]

Guide dog in training

King is a 9-month-old yellow lab. He is a Southeastern Guide Dog puppy, in training, being raised by Rachel Kelly (and Joey) in Lutz. King loves exploring the town during his trainings. The Lutz Branch Library and the post office are his two favorite places to go. King is Kelly's third guide dog in-training. … [Read more...]

A friendly hello

This little rascal decided to pay a visit to the home of Drew Baer in Seven Oaks, in Wesley Chapel. … [Read more...]

Meet Abby, the puppy

Abby is a 9-month-old Goldendoodle that looks more like a Golden Retriever, but with the legs of a poodle. Abby is a happy, loving and ready-to-have-some-fun kind of pooch! She is great at jumping, but quite clumsy when landing. Abby loves to find headphones around the house to play with, too. She also loves to watch TV on an iPad and prefers shows that include some of her dog pals. Abby’s proud … [Read more...]

Basking in the sun

Will Abraham took this photo of an Anhinga reflected in one of the Oak Grove neighborhood ponds, in Lutz. The bird was drying itself out after a rainy night. … [Read more...]

Spencer has a thing for squirrels

Spencer is a rescue Great Pyrenees/Anatolian Shepherd mix. When not demanding his owner’s attention, Spencer enjoys squirrels — looking at squirrels and barking at squirrels. He also enjoys napping — and, of course, dreaming about squirrels. Oh, and he also likes chicken jerky. Spencer’s proud owner is Marjorie Hoffmann, of Land O’ Lakes. … [Read more...]

Serene wildlife

Lillian Cucuzza, of Land O’ Lakes, was waiting for a baby gator to surface in this retention pond when three deer popped out of the woods. It was a great day to capture reflections on the pond.             … [Read more...]

Watching from a distance

Siri Abeyratne, of Wesley Chapel, came upon this alligator sunning itself. An alligator will control its body temperature by basking in the sun. … [Read more...]

Mike is a great companion

Mike is a 9-year-old border collie that was found at a rescue eight years ago. At that time, he had never been in a car or a house and was not house-broken, due to abuse through neglect. Mike has come a long way. He has earned several obedience titles and is a certified therapy dog. Most of all, he is a wonderful companion to, and member of, the Pietropaoli family of Land O’ Lakes. … [Read more...]