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Locke is a 1 ½-year-old sable German shepherd. He loves playing fetch, hanging out in his pool, eating ice and cuddling with his stuffed tiger. You can follow him on Instagram @locke_the_gsd. Locke lives in Lutz with his proud mom, Brittany Castellano, and dad, Jack Dighera.   … [Read more...]

Taking care of the young

Lonna Vizzari watched for over an hour as this daddy bluebird fed its baby. This year, Vizzari has seen four nestlings in the birdhouse. … [Read more...]

Using facial recognition tool to help reunite lost pets

For many pet owners, their pets aren’t just furry companions — they’re full-fledged members of the family. So, when a dog or cat goes astray, the experience can be overwhelming. Now, however, a new tool may improve the odds of reuniting owners with their lost pets. John Polimeno launched the app, Finding Rover, in 2013, to help locate lost dogs and cats through facial recognition. And, Pasco … [Read more...]

Cuddle buddies

Bailey (a dapple) and Mater (the red one) love each other so much they do not like to be separated for long periods of time. Fourteen-year-old Bailey loves to play with tennis balls, and 6-year-old Mater is never seen without a stuffed ‘baby,’ the bigger the better. Both enjoy burrowing in piles of blankets, barking at squirrels and falling leaves, and being cuddled. Baily and Mater live with … [Read more...]

Be careful where you step

Sharon Thompson, of Wesley Chapel, found this pigmy rattlesnake outside her front door. Pigmy rattlesnakes spend most of their time well-hidden among leaf litter and can be very hard to spot. From such hiding places, they ambush a variety of prey, including lizards, frogs, small mammals, and insects, as well as centipedes. These snakes are most often encountered crossing roads on summer evenings. … [Read more...]

Chuy fills his home with love

Chuy is a 1-year-old rescue, whose breed is unknown. He brings lots of love to his owner, Daniella McClutchy.   … [Read more...]

Hitching a ride

Sharon Thompson, of Wesley Chapel, found this little frog on her car in the early morning hours, while it was still dark outside.         Thompson also took this photo of a grey tree frog at Wawa, sitting on the store's window ledge greeting customers.   … [Read more...]

KitKat is a little trooper

KitKat may be the Pet of the Week, but to KitKat's owner, Yano Breez of Zephyrhills, she is the Pet of the Century. This past October, KitKat was on a walk to downtown Zephyrhills with her owner when she became anxious about an approaching car and darted out in the road. KitKat was struck by the vehicle and ran off, and Breez had a hard time finding her afterward. In the end, KitKat knew her way … [Read more...]

Pretty little ‘lady’

Nicole Tuzzolino, of Land O’ Lakes, noticed this ladybug on her crepe myrtle tree. Ladybugs are also called lady beetles or ladybird beetles, and are the natural enemies of many insects, especially aphids and other sap feeders. … [Read more...]

Bailey loves to play

Bailey is a 3-year-old Rottweiler that loves food, playing in the hose, swimming and her toddler best friend, Reuben. Bailey also loves playing with her sister Sadie, a King Charles dachshund mix. She loves cuddling and getting belly rubs from her owners, but most of all playing tug-of-war with Reuben. Bailey lives with the Hicks family, of Land O’ Lakes. … [Read more...]