All in the family

Maisy, left, and Miles, brother and sister, were named for the kids in the film ‘Uncle Buck.’ When they were together, they were the friendliest, most lovable pair you could meet. Maisy loves to lick anything and everything — hands, chairs, sofa, doors, legs! Both of them wanted to be lap dogs and tried to do so often. Unfortunately, Miles passed away a few months ago at the age of 12 ½, under the … [Read more...]

On the hunt

George W. Cpaz spends an hour or two every morning on the Seven Oaks nature trail in his community, in Wesley Chapel, taking photos of wildlife. He snapped this stunning portrait of a red-shouldered hawk keeping watch. Cpaz loves to venture out into other local parks, too. Local Wildlife note: In reference to the request for the identification of last week’s mysterious yellow moth, we received … [Read more...]

A bond of love

Sasha is a 13 ½-year-old Doberman pinscher that went to Pasco Animal Services looking for a kitty. Teddy, only 6 weeks old at the time, reached out to her from his crate with his little white leg, to get Sasha’s attention. Sasha had never been around cats before, but they have bonded with love. Teddy and Sasha live with their proud family, Bob and Sandi Giddens, of Lutz. … [Read more...]

Mysterious yellow moth

Sharon Thompson found this moth in front of her house in Country Walk, in Wesley Chapel, but has been unable to identify it. She even checked out books from the public library and looked on the Internet. It is possible it is a lo moth, but if any of our readers can help with its identification, please send a note to . … [Read more...]

Naomi is a sweetheart

Naomi was adopted from the Humane Society. She is a mixed breed and enjoys long walks to meet all her neighbors. Naomi loves to play tug-o-war with her toys. She is gentle and sweet. Naomi lives with her family, A & S Hollingsworth, in Wesley Chapel. … [Read more...]

Another look at some of our local wildlife 2019

Florida is abundant with wildlife, and whether it flies or crawls, or swims, our readers sent in a variety of photos from birds to butterflies and, of course, alligators. We thought we’d take a look back and share some of the creatures we showcased in 2019, in our Local Wildlife feature. Thanks to our readers for sending in their stories and photos. Keep them coming in … [Read more...]

Another look at your best friends

Whether your best friend barks or meows, is spunky or mellow, crawls or hops – we know your pets bring a special joy to you throughout the year. We thought we’d take a look back and share some of the pets that were showcased this year in our Pet of the Week feature. Thanks to our readers for sending in their stories and photos. Keep them coming in 2020! And, a look back at the local wildlife … [Read more...]

Kissy loves the park

Kissy is a 10-year-old Yorkie. She is very friendly and loves to go kayaking. Kissy dislikes loud noises, unless she is the one making them. She loves wearing the dresses her mom sews for her. Kissy lives with her mom, Odalis Diaz, in Wesley Chapel. … [Read more...]

A ‘ground rattler’

Sharon Thompson spotted this pygmy rattlesnake outside her home in Country Walk, in Wesley Chapel. Its tail’s tiny rattle is prone to breaking off. This snake gives birth to live young and does not lay eggs. It feeds on insects, frogs, lizards, small snakes, nestling birds and mice. … [Read more...]

Rosie is 6 pounds of pure love

Rosie is a sassy little Morkie pup. She has been a huge blessing to her owner, Laura York, of Lutz, after Laura’s mother passed away. … [Read more...]