Cuddle buddies

Hendrix and Lux are only a few months old. They love to wrestle and cuddle with each other. Their favorite toys are their big sister’s hair ties. Both love cat treats at the end of the day. Hendrix and Lux live with James Dauenheimer in Lutz. … [Read more...]

Waiting out the rain

This handsome fellow came to visit the home of Tamara Hosch in Wesley Chapel and spent about 1½ hours just sitting on a fence, during a rainstorm. … [Read more...]

Yes, Minnie like the mouse!

Minnie was found on a rainy day last August meowing in a bush, and barely 4 weeks old. Being black and white with large ears and extremely tiny, the name Minnie fit perfectly. She is quite fearless and feisty, and enjoys trying to catch lizards through the screen, or playing hide and seek with her brother, Milo, a Dalmatian. Her proud owner is Gina Rehberg, of Wesley Chapel. … [Read more...]

Dinner and a show!

This resplendent cardinal decided to dine just outside the kitchen window at the home of Steve Vinik and his wife, in Lexington Oaks in Wesley Chapel. The Viniks said there are two male cardinals that visit from time to time, and sometimes simultaneously. The couple has also seen a female cardinal, a red-winged blackbird, a tufted titmouse, a red-bellied woodpecker, a house finch, blue jays and … [Read more...]

Where the birds are bountiful

Theresa Sierra and her husband moved a year ago from Carrollwood to Land O’ Lakes. They cannot believe the incredible number of beautiful birds they have the opportunity to see at their home, on Lake Thomas. This green heron has such a personality, Theresa had to take more than one shot. … [Read more...]

Otis is still a ‘pup’

Otis is a Jack Russell/West Highland Terrier and turned 16 years old just last month. He is still as youthful as when he was a pup. Otis enjoys chasing his monkey toy, looking for lizards, riding in the car, and going on walks. He resides with his family, Dave, Kristi and Alexis Watts in Odessa. … [Read more...]

Thriving buck

Bob Harrigan snapped a photo of this white-tailed deer through his screened lanai, off Lutz Lake Fern Road, in Lutz. Harrigan said residents spotted ‘Gimpy’ years ago noticing his damaged right front leg and wondered if he got hit by a car, and if he would survive. This young buck seems to be doing just fine! … [Read more...]

Meet little Lily

  Lily is a 7-month-old King Charles Cavalier spaniel. She loves going to the dog park, eating ice, hiding under the bed, sleeping on her owners’ heads and playing with their other dogs. Her precious face warms their hearts and always elicits smiles. She loves giving kisses and cuddling on the sofa. Lily lives in Land O’ Lakes with the Galan family. … [Read more...]

Ty is very loving

Ty is a 1-year-old rescue cat that absolutely loves to lay in sinks. Madison Lash, of Wesley Chapel, has been a cat mom to Ty since he was 5 weeks old, and she has loved every second of it. Ty is the most loving cat and always cuddles with Madison when she gets home, from anywhere. His favorite thing to do is catch lizards outside and bring them in. Ty is all around the best pet anyone could have. … [Read more...]

An owl with many voices

Nicole Hoffman was lucky enough to snap a photo of a barred owl in Seven Oaks, in Wesley Chapel. These owls lack ear tufts, and have a long, barred tail. Mainly nocturnal, its daytime roost is always well-hidden in deep woods. The barred owl also is known as the ‘hoot owl.’ It uses 10 different calls, each for a specific purpose. These calls include wails, whines, squeals, and even an eerie … [Read more...]