Max is precocious

Max is a 9-month-old Blue Chihuahua. He has a blue tint in his fur, especially around his ears, and an exquisitely curled tail. Max loves playing catch and tag with his toy monkey while running at stealth speed. He takes anything into his lair under the dining room table, such as paper, socks and plastic. Max’s favorite pastime is finding the biggest piece of mulch to chew on, in the front garden. … [Read more...]

An appropriate home, for this bird

Marisol Fontanez snapped this blue jay fittingly perched on a fence at the Blue Jay Mobile Home Park in Dade City. Blue jays are large, crested songbirds that like to mimic the call of hawks, especially red-shouldered hawks. … [Read more...]

Emmie is having a bad hair day

Emmie is a happy, healthy maltese rescue who enjoys her new life and home. After rummaging around in her bed one day, Emmie emerged looking like this! Emmie lives with Tom and Ann Kolessar, in Lutz. … [Read more...]

A tropical, wetland bird

Fran Sieradzki snapped this photo of a limpkin behind her home in Seven Oaks, in Wesley Chapel. The limpkin, also called carrao, courlan or crying bird, looks like a large rail, but is skeletally closer to a crane. It is found mostly in wetlands in warm parts of the Americas, from Florida to northern Argentina. … [Read more...]

Lilo loves to catch things

Lilo is a 5-year-old Siamese mix. She was found on the side of a road in Tampa at 2 weeks old, and had to be bottle fed every few hours. Lilo spends her days trying to catch frogs in the lake, catching lizards (just to bring them inside and letting them go, creating lizard-catching games for the owners), and sleeping with her dirty paws on her owner's pillows. Lilo's favorite companion is the … [Read more...]

The ‘coolest bird’ around

As Lillian Cucuzza was pulling into her driveway in Land O’ Lakes one afternoon, she saw a shadow pass over. Above her were two swallow-tailed kites flying very low over her neighbor’s house. This bird of prey, with its deeply forked tail, is sometimes called ‘the coolest bird on the planet’ ( Kites glide and soar through the air on thermals and updrafts. They feed on insects by … [Read more...]

Sagan is a star

Sagan is shown here with his best friend, Oscar. Sagan is a rescue and likes to take walks on his leash. He protects the pool cage from frogs and lizards, and loves to have his belly rubbed. Sagan gives cuddles and kisses, wrestles, and carries his buddy Oscar around the house. His proud owners are Sheri and John Thrasher, of Wesley Chapel. … [Read more...]

Looking to satisfy its hunger

On her way to work, Marybeth Gandiosi stopped to watch this bald eagle that was eager to eat a dead armadillo in the parking lot area of Watergrass, in Wesley Chapel. The eagle didn’t budge, even as Gandiosi hung out the car window to snap a few pictures. … [Read more...]

Meet Mr. Bonzo Burke

Bonzo is a 1-year-old English Springer Spaniel that loves the beach, running in the yard, playing ball, eating whipped cream, and lounging on the couch. He sneaks on the bed whenever he gets the chance. Bonzo loves to cuddle and is spoiled rotten by his family. Don’t let those sad eyes fool you — he is one happy pup! Bonzo lives in Land O’ Lakes with the Burke family: Kara, Brian, Brandon and … [Read more...]

Survival mode

Kim MacMartin, of Lutz, noticed monarch caterpillars munching on some potted milkweed in her backyard. Monarchs cannot survive without the plant; their caterpillars only eat milkweed plants and monarch butterflies need milkweed to lay eggs. … [Read more...]