Little Bear is a Toto look-alike

Little Bear is a Cairn terrier, one of the oldest terrier breeds originating in the Scottish Highlands, and one of the earliest working dogs. The breed was given the name Cairn, because its function was to hunt and chase quarry between the cairns in the highlands. Little Bear is about 14 inches tall and weights about 14 pounds. He was born in Oldsmar in November 1999, which makes him one of the … [Read more...]

A Valentine’s touch of romance?

Nicole Magazu and her husband, of Land O’ Lakes, were walking on a Sunday morning and spotted these squirrels on an oak tree. It seems the creatures were also enjoying the cooler weather. … [Read more...]

Tobey is very smart

Tobey is a 13-year-old maltipoo. He loves playing with his favorite doggie toy and laying with it in his dog bed. Tobey also loves performing tricks for treats. Anyone that meets him absolutely adores him. Tobey’s proud owner is Shantel Meyers, of Lutz. … [Read more...]

Hidden from certain dangers

            The storm drain at the corner of Barcellona and Fletch roads in Land O’ Lakes seems to be a favorite hiding spot for animals looking to avoid alligators. This time, Betsy Crisp spotted a turtle and  a frog using the drain to their advantage. … [Read more...]

The best decision yet

Titan is a mixed breed and a rescue from Pasco County Animal Services almost two years ago. He will smother you with kisses and needs to sit close (and sometimes on top of) his human family. Titan loves to go tubing and squeals with delight on boat rides around the lake. He also enjoys his afternoon naps and rides in the car with the windows down. Titan is an awesome companion to the three boys in … [Read more...]

A romp to start the day

Karen Whitenton, of Lutz, snapped this photo of a doe with her two fawns as they romped along the pond behind her house. It was early morning, and although the mother started to go back into the woods, the animals continued to run back and forth the entire length of the pond. … [Read more...]

Bundled for the cold

Chloe is a 12-year-old Yorkie terrier. Here, she is trying to stay warm on a cold day. Chloe loves her daddy and follows him all around the house. Chloe’s proud owner is Germaine Marion, of Zephyrhills. … [Read more...]

Sharing play space

Donna Peacock and her family have lived in Wesley Chapel for 30 years, and gopher tortoises have made a home in their backyard. When Gigi, the Peacocks’ 19-month-old Chorkie, joined the family, Gigi had to learn to live within the tortoise habitat. When Gigi wants to play, the tortoise will give a warning hiss, retreat into his shell and down into the underground burrow. … [Read more...]

Pasco animal shelter gets creative with names

Pet owners have various reasons for naming their animals and so does the Pasco County Animal Shelter when it takes in a dog or cat. Coming up with creative names at the shelter is one way to ease a sad situation when strays come in lost. “We like to have some fun with the whole naming process,” explained Rachel Stever, education and outreach coordinator for Pasco County Animal Services. “We … [Read more...]

A new haircut for the holidays

Cocoa is a 12-year-old cocker spaniel, and also is blind. He may be a senior, but he still loves his squeaky toys and enjoys greeting his canine neighbors during daily walks. Cocoa is cherished by his owner, Cathi Thompson, of Lutz. … [Read more...]