Sabre loves people

Sabre, a rescue pet, is a 9-year old pitbull/catahoula mix. She loves to swim and go camping. She understands more than 50 words and phrases. Sabre’s proud owners are Nancy and Jim Budinoff, of Wesley Chapel. … [Read more...]

Up-close and personal

Jumping spiders are generally friendly to humans and are not harmful to people. They are carnivorous by nature, but tend to shy away from humans. But, keep yourself protected, as they can sting badly. All jumping spiders have four pairs of eyes. Ray Martinez photographed this jumping spider at his home in Lutz. … [Read more...]

Patches loves people

Patches is 12 years young, and a rescue dog. She wants to be every person’s friend. Enjoying the heat includes swimming in the gulf and cooling off with an ice cream treat! Patches’ proud parents are Jim and Sue Kirschten, of Land O’ Lakes. … [Read more...]

A parent’s love

Fran Sieradzki snapped this photo of a black-bellied whistling duck and its duckling, behind her home in Seven Oaks, Wesley Chapel. These ducks have high-pitched whistles as they travel from feeding fields to roosting sites. They often perch in trees and on logs over water. The whistling duck is found mostly in wetlands, in warm parts of the Americas, from Florida to northern Argentina. … [Read more...]

Roo likes to bounce

Roo was found at a community park in Tampa. He was less than a year old, underweight and in pretty rough shape. The Wantuch family tried to find his owners for a month, but with no luck, they adopted him. He is named Roo (the ending of kangaROO) because his ears reminded the family of the animal, and he would bounce around in the grass. Roo welcomes Jackie Wantuch and family members home every day … [Read more...]

Ready for its close-up

Craig Mellinger loves nature photography. This squirrel photo was taken at Lake Heron in Lutz, where Mellinger lived for almost 15 years. Mellinger recently moved to Dade City, where he also hopes to take many pictures. … [Read more...]

With age, comes ‘the grumps’

Varla is a 10-year-old male green iguana, which is pretty old for an iguana. His favorite foods are grapes, watermelon and a nice tossed salad. Varla does not like to be bothered when he is eating. His favorite music is anything other than the mariachi music the neighbors play, which seems to annoy him. Varla dislikes the fat guy who feeds him and cold winter months. His favorite game is slapping … [Read more...]

One foot? No problem

Kevin Durkin tracked this limpkin all over the Learning Gate Community School campus in Lutz before he got the right photo. The limpkin only had one foot, but seemed to be managing just fine. … [Read more...]

This is Marley!

Marley is an 11-year-old Morkie that was adopted as a very young puppy when her first family determined they could not care for her. She is very popular in her neighborhood and loved by all of her human siblings. Marley is spoiled with roasted chicken and peanut butter treats. She enjoys chasing lizards, long walks, slobbery kisses and playing with socks. Marley lives with her furever family, … [Read more...]

Even the gators are thankful

Laura Button drives by this pond in her neighborhood in Land O’ Lakes several times a day and is always on the lookout for wildlife. Every once in a while, Button sees this particular gator. She said she is certain the gator was just thanking God that recent bad weather didn't come visit the Land O’ Lakes area. … [Read more...]