Simple ways offered to make voting hassle-free

In August, the 2014 election cycle will begin. And before voters go to the polls to decide who will represent them in government, Pasco County elections supervisor Brian Corley is offering some last-minute reminders.

“Help us do our job better by ensuring that your voter registration is up-to-date,” Corley said in a recent note to voters. “The more accurate our file, the better able we are to serve the voters of Pasco County.”

Voter registration address changes can be done by telephone, online, or by written notification. But anyone failing to update their address prior to election day could create some delays at the polls.

Those who have not voted since the last gubernatorial election in 2010 should check their registration status online at, Corley said. Or status also can be checked by calling (800) 851-8754.

Another way to help speed up the voting process is to make good use of a sample ballot.

“Mark your sample ballot and take it with you so you can copy your choices onto your official ballot,” Corley said.

Also, some polling locations have changed, and voters affected by those areas received new registration cards. However, people who haven’t maintained a current address with the elections office may not have received that information, and could end up at the wrong location when it’s time to vote.

Florida is a closed primary state, meaning primaries are usually closed only to members of specific political parties. However, the primary race for Pasco County Commission District 4 between Republicans Mike Wells and Henry Wilson is an open race, meaning anyone — no matter their party affiliation — can vote.

Also, races for county commission and school board might be assigned geographic areas, but everyone in the county is eligible to vote for them, whether they live in those areas or not.

“With plenty of advanced notice and proper preparation, there should be no reason to forgo one of the greatest freedoms afforded to all Americans,” Corley said.


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