Aldi grocery store set to open on U.S. 301


A busy section of U.S. 301 will get even busier as developers move forward with plans to build a small shopping plaza with an Aldi grocery store at the intersection of Pretty Pond Road.

Demolition crews began razing Rainbow Court and Brightside Manor mobile home parks in March. MQ Pretty Ponds LLC, a subsidiary of MQ Partners of Dallas, bought the two parcels in 2014, and gave notice to residents they would need to relocate to make way for the plaza.

No construction date has been announced.

This Aldi store is in a shopping plaza off of U.S. 41 and Bearss Avenue. A new store is planned for Zephyrhills. Company officials have said they want to open 650 new stores in America by the end of 2018. (B.C. Manion/Staff Photo)

This Aldi store is in a shopping plaza off of U.S. 41 and Bearss Avenue. A new store is planned for Zephyrhills. Company officials have said they want to open 650 new stores in America by the end of 2018.
(B.C. Manion/Staff Photo)

For the moment, city officials and developers are grappling with how to get approval for a new traffic signal at Pretty Pond.

A traffic signal currently operates at the Townview and Merchant’s Square Shopping centers, directing traffic flow into and out of their parking lots on opposite sides of U.S. 301. But Florida Department of Transportation officials say a light at Pretty Pond can only be considered if the existing signal comes down. Two traffic signals so close together don’t meet national highway standards for safe road design, state road officials say.

Commercial and residential growth justifies installing a traffic signal at Pretty Pond to accommodate the anticipated increase in traffic volume, said Zephyrhills City Manager Steve Spina.

Zephyr Commons, a shopping center anchored by a Publix grocery store, is in the same area as the proposed Aldi. And, about 230 new apartments are due for construction, Spina said.

“Its (traffic) all got to come out somehow,” Spina said. “We have to come up with something,”

Spina said he intends to meet with owners of the shopping center to discuss options.

Aldi is a leading international retailer in the discount grocery market. Shoppers bag their own groceries and are encouraged to bring their own reusable bags. Stores are stocked with about 1,400 quick-selling food items including fresh produce, meat, dairy, wine and beer. In contrast, a typical grocer might stock as many as 30,000 items. The goal is low overhead expenses, which Aldi representatives say translates into major savings for its shoppers.

The company was founded in the mid-1940s in Germany and today operates more than 9,000 stores in 18 countries. The United States division is headquartered in Illinois.

In a news release issued this year, Aldi announced the goal of opening 650 new stores in America by the end of 2018. That represents more than a $3 billion investment in land, facilities and equipment.

Aldi was named the nation’s top discount grocery store for four consecutive years, and also one of the top three favorite grocery store chains in America, based on consumer surveys by Market Force Information Inc.

Published May 6, 2015


  1. Janet Wesley says

    I live in Florida’s oldest retirement community (103) years old. Most of us are seniors who have to travel over 20 miles by bus just to shop. An ALDI’S in or near Dowling Park/Live Oak Florida would be most
    Appreciated. There are several small communities in and around this area with lots of people who would totally support your store. Most are low income and in need of a better source to aquire groceries. A store in this area would be a god send. Thank you.
    Jan Wesley

  2. Sandy Miller says

    I will be 60 in July, just moved to Zephyrhills, lost without my Aldi Store, I’ve been shopping at Aldi since a teen in Illinois. So happy to see a store coming to Zephyrhills. Yaaaa!

    • I know where you’re coming from. I cam to Florida from Connecticut and I can’t wait for an Aldi to come to Zephyrhills. Yesssssss !!!!

  3. Sandy Herron says

    Zephyrhills could sure use an Aldi’s.

  4. Michelle Hughes says

    We need Aldi here, I drive to Plant City love shopping at Aldi everything I purchase I am pleased with, can’t wait:)

  5. What happened? It has been over 18 months since they announced this project. All the mobile homes were moved out more than a year ago and that is all that has happened. What is the holdup?

  6. Betty Lane says

    Would love an Aldi in Zephyrhills especially for gluten free products. Shop in Johnstown, N.Y. store in summer and love all their products.

  7. Cindy Sheward says

    Hurry and build our Aldi’s in Zephyrhills, please!

  8. Jeanine Hansen says

    Please..please build an Aldi in Zephyrhills……I drive to Lakeland every 2 weeks just to shop at the Aldi on Hwy 98

  9. Gisi von Schilling says

    Love “Aldi”
    the cashiers should be a little more careful and take their time to tally up groceries
    speed through it ….being not always polite to the customers – that are the reason
    YOU are in business
    However, Aldi is “the ” store for me



  10. South side of Zephyrhills around Chancey and 39 would be the best site for an Aldi. Right now the south side has no stores. One Dollar General. There is plenty of room to get in and out. Certainly not congested like the north side. Makes the most sense to me. Thank you

  11. Walmarts… Enough said

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