Local 4-H members receive recognition

Two local members of Pasco County’s 4-H were honored by the Pasco County Commission last month for their achievements in the 4-H organization.

Commissioners passed a resolution on Oct. 9 recognizing Montana Rose Smith and Kata Muellerleile for their statewide leadership positions in 4-H.

Montana Rose Smith and Kata Muellerleile, members of Pasco County’s 4-H, were honored by the Pasco County Commission for being named to statewide leadership positions in the youth organization. They are shown here with members of the Pasco County Commission and Pasco County Clerk & Comptroller Paula O’ Neil. (Courtesy of Richard K. Riley)

The resolution notes that nine young adults in Pasco County have been elected to statewide leadership positions over the past 20 years.

The resolution singled out Smith, who has been elected the 2018-2019 4-H State Council president by her peers and fellow 4-H members.

It also singled out Muellerleile, who has been elected the 2018-2019 4-H State Council reporter.

In congratulating the young women for the honors, Pasco County Commissioner Ron Oakley said: “Girls, to say the least, we’re very proud of you. You’re our homegrown leaders that are going to be out there for 4-H. A lot of people, a lot of your peers will be watching you and hoping you do the job they expect you to do, and I’m sure both of you will.”

Muellerleile told commissioners “4-H holds such a special part in our hearts and lives because if it wasn’t for 4-H and Montana, herself, I would not be able to stand in front of you today.”

She added, “4-H is just so special to us and has changed our lives in many, many ways that we never thought could happen.”

Smith added, “4-H has definitely been a huge part of my life and has definitely helped me to develop who I am today. I used to be a shy little 9-year-old who just wanted to show my dairy goats. But, now I want to be on stage, behind the podium, talking and kind of guiding our youth across the state.”

Published November 14, 2018

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