Dade City’s downtown soon to receive flood relief

The completion of a project now underway in downtown Dade City aims to address flooding problems that have plagued the area for years.

The public works project, which began in August, involves the installation of new stormwater piping.  Joseph DeBono, Dade City’s public works director, is overseeing the project.

Behind Dade City’s City Hall, a portion of Pasco Avenue is being unearthed to facilitate new piping. This is one of several routes to see pipe placement that will help diminish flooding in the downtown region. (Brian Fernandes)

The work is being done to address major flooding that hinder parts of downtown, DeBono said.

“What this project does is to aid in mitigating a lot of that sheet flow, by channeling the water in new drains – curb drains, street drains – in various configurations,” the director said.

Sheet flow refers to the water that settles at ground level or higher.

DeBono added: “What we’re doing is we’re actually bringing it (water) down below grade with the stormwater collection system, to basically help cars navigate down the roadway instead of having 6 (inches) to 7 inches of water that they have to go across.”

The concrete-made pipes will be placed underground, spanning 2,400 linear feet and ranging in size.

New curb drains will relieve roadways of rain water by sending it directly into the piping system.

The construction will begin at Seventh Street’s intersections with Church Avenue, and Pasco Avenue – further north. Then it heads east on Pasco Avenue to Third Street, where it will head north up to Meridian Avenue.

The piping will head east passing U.S. 98 and the CSX railway, eventually dumping the water into Irvin Pond.

The pond will be reconfigured and widened to accommodate the additional water it will receive. A larger surface area also will grant more time for the wastewater to be treated.

Canal Street, just east of Irvin Pond, will undergo modifications as well.

Underneath the roadway, a culvert pipe is currently situated for better ease of water off the street. There are plans to expand this structure as well.

The project will benefit both shop owners and those going through downtown, DeBono said.

Signs indicate where construction is taking place. Detour routes have been established, too.

The director also mentioned the installation may impose some inconvenience, as it is being done during the day.

“We understand that there’s businesses there along most of the corridor that we’re going down, and we make a best effort for allowing patrons to actually get to their locations,” he said.

The estimated $2.3 million-project is funded by state appropriations as well as the Florida Department of Transportation and Dade City.

Construction is set for completion for some time between the middle and later part of next year, DeBono said.

Published October 09, 2019

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