Tax Refund Is A Great Way To Fund Home Improvements

You may already be thinking about how to best use your tax refund, which most people get in February and March, a few weeks after filing their 2019 tax returns.

Tax refunds are substantial income for many families. The IRS reports that 90 percent of American taxpayers receive a refund, with $2,725 being the average refund in 2018.

And, while it’s fun to fantasize about blowing your refund on a shopping spree or vacation, it’s much wiser and more beneficial to your family to use the money to update your home’s mechanical systems.

“If your home was built in the past 20 years, it is likely overdue for a new A/C system, water heater and electrical panel,” said Miguel Silva of Cornerstone Pros Air Conditioning, Plumbing and Electrical in Land O’ Lakes.

“A tax refund will often cover the full cost of converting to a tankless hot water heater or replacing your electrical panel. Plus, it can be a significant down payment toward a new A/C system. If you take care of these home improvement projects now with your tax refund, we’ll get your job done within a day or two, and are offering some great coupons to reduce your cost,” Silva added.

Replacing your aged A/C system with a high-efficiency air conditioner can lower your energy bills significantly, prevent energy waste and perhaps most importantly, give you peace of mind that you will have consistent, chilled air-conditioned relief all year-long.

“Many people wait until their A/C system completely fails, or end up spending too much money on repairs trying to keep it going,” said Silva. “Use your tax refund to be proactive and upgrade your home’s mechanical systems before there are problems that impact your family’s health and comfort.”

Silva explains that replacing your home’s mechanical systems typically pays for themselves within a few years. “Folks don’t realize that their hot water heater and A/C unit are appliances, just like their refrigerator, and all appliances have a life span. If you’re getting close to the end of their warranty periods, give us a call and be proactive, instead of waiting until you have no hot water or air conditioning on the hottest day of the year.”

Many families are upgrading their home’s electrical panel to a 200-amp service because they want to add LED light fixtures, electrical outlets with USB ports, outdoor lighting, and power for generators, hot tubs and pools.

“Most panels in older homes are wired for just 100 or 150 amps, which is not enough wattage for today’s myriad of home electronics,” said Silva. “Most tax refunds will easily cover the cost to replace your entire electrical panel with a new one.”

Cornerstone also sees many households converting to a tankless hot water heater because they want endless hot water.

“Nothing is worse than running out of hot water when your family is getting ready for school, work or play,” said Silva.  “After comparing the cost of replacing their old water tank, which is 100-year-old technology that is very energy inefficient, most homeowners switch to a tankless system because it costs 50 percent less to operate, plus gives them hot water on demand with absolutely no fuss.”

Cornerstone Pros was founded in 2006 as an air conditioning service company. It moved to its 4-acre site on Land O’ Lakes Boulevard in 2011 and, the following year, added plumbing services. In 2014, it expanded again with electrical services, and in 2017, with generators.

In 2018, Cornerstone Pros built a 6,000-square-foot warehouse next to its headquarters on U.S. 41, to store air conditioning units of all sizes and stock high-demand service items for its air conditioning, electrical and plumbing operations. It also stocks tankless hot water systems, and portable and permanent generators, including whole-house systems by Generac.

“Every morning, our vans are fully stocked with everything our technicians need, which means on most calls, we are able to solve a customer’s problem on the first visit,” said Silva. “Please call us today to get a quote for your home improvement project, so you’re ready to go when your tax refund comes in.”

Tax Refund Specials:
FREE A/C Estimate

+ $150 off installation

$100 OFF Tankless
Water Heater Installed

FREE Nest Thermostat
With any 16 SEER A/C replacement

$50 Off LED
Lighting Upgrade

No Payments First 3 Months
With low-interest financing
up to 120 months

Published January 29, 2020

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