Dade City flood relief in final stages

Construction is nearing completion on a project in downtown Dade City — which aims to address flooding that plagued the area for years.

The project involves installing new underground stormwater piping.

The concrete pipeline has been lengthened longer than its initial 2,400-linear-foot projections, said Abu Nazmurreza, Dade City’s public works director. New curb drains also have been incorporated.

Behind Dade City’s City Hall, a portion of Pasco Avenue is being unearthed to facilitate new piping. This is one of several routes to see pipe placement that will help diminish flooding in the downtown region. (File)

These improvements will ease the flow of rainwater as it goes down the piping system, passing U.S. 98 and the CSX railway, to the east. The water is then stored in Irvin Pond.

The new system runs from Seventh Street’s intersections with Church Avenue and Pasco Avenue. Then it heads east on Pasco Avenue to Third Street, before heading north up to Meridian Avenue.

Although the majority of construction has been completed, work on Pasco Avenue still needs to be done, Nazmurreza said.

“We are installing a new 6-inch water main through Pasco [Avenue] between Eighth Street and Fifth Street,” he added.

Currently, there are sections of Pasco Avenue that are still unearthed and await repaving.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection has to certify the completion of the project by analyzing water pressure, and checking for any bacterial content.

At that point, the existing pipeline will connect with the new one, and Pasco Avenue will be resurfaced.

Modifications also have been made to Irvin Pond to better accommodate the additional stormwater.

The body of water has been expanded by 50% from its original width, according to Nazmurreza.

“The pond on Canal Street was not sufficient enough for taking all the water from the downtown area,” he explained.

The wider area also will extend the time period for the wastewater to be treated.

And Canal Street, east of the pond, has had its culvert pipe reconfigured, as well.

The metal pipe has been replaced with concrete piping, due to rusting.

The street will have to undergo repaving now that the new culvert pipe has been installed.

The road has been temporarily laid with gravel for motorists.

The $1.8 million project is scheduled to wrap up in the coming weeks, Nazmurreza said.

Currently, a detour has to be made on Pasco Avenue. Shop owners, however, are not currently affected by construction.

Published March 18, 2020

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