Migration from Apple Server Software

The following steps will be taken to migrate from Apple Server software.  Since Apple no longer supports or provides software that will run on macOS Mojave 10.14 software must be added manually to provide the same services.

Project Status:

[√ ] 1. Old Server: Move all data off internal hard drives to external hard drives, reworked all backup strategies.    Completed 11/29/2018, 

[ ] 2. New Server: Install dongles to connect external hard drives, monitor and USB A devices. Waiting on delivery of cables and dongles.

[ ] 3. New Server: Boot with external drives. Current software will now run on new hardware.

[ ] 4. Old Server: Take offsite to install Linux / Mail Server. Use my static ip address, domain name: cnewspubs.com

[ ] 5. Old Server: Create Virtual Host for lakerlutznews.com
[ ] 6. Old Server: Install Apache, MySQL, PHP, phpMyAdmin
[ ] 7. Old Server: Install Dovecot and Postfix
[ ] 8. Old Server: Install ViMbAdmin
[ ] 9. Old Server: Define all mail users via ViMbAdmin, test.
[ ] 10. Switch from old email to new mailserver.
[ ] 11. New Server: Build new Mojave system.
[ ] 12. New Server: Set up Virtual Hosts on macOS Mojave 10.14 in Apache
[ ] 13. New Server: Install Apache, MySQL, PHP, phpMyAdmin on macOS Mojave 10.14
[ ] 14. New Server: Setup filesharing and web services.
[ ] 15. New Server: Migrate website to Mojave 10.14

At this point we will no longer need the Apple Server App

Old Server will now be the new mail server running linux OS
New Server will now be the new FileServer and Web Services running macO