Finding a deal on gasoline? It’s only going to get cheaper

Since the end of September, the price of gas has plummeted in states across the country, including 41 cents per gallon in Florida alone. And it's not stopping anytime soon. "Gas prices are plunging in-line with the falling price of oil, declining demand, and pumps selling winter blend fuel, which is cheaper to produce," said AAA spokesman Mark Jenkins, in a release. "Gas prices should only … [Read more...]

World in chaos, but gas prices still dropping

Gas prices are inching closer and closer to a milestone it hasn't reached in nearly four years: Sell of less than $3 per gallon. The decline in the cost of a gallon go gas continued last week, with Florida's average dropping another 2 cents to $3.35 on Sunday, according to a new report from AAA - The Auto Club Group. In fact, gas prices in some metropolitan markets in the south have actually … [Read more...]