Black wins in landslide while DeWitt, Wilkeson ousted

Being a woman in politics was not easy in East Pasco County Tuesday night. It was man against woman in races in Dade City, St. Leo and Zephyrhills, and in each case, every woman — including two incumbents — lost. Scott Black easily retained his city commission seat against challenger Angelica Herrera in Dade City, according to unofficial results from the Pasco County elections office. He won … [Read more...]

Voters head to polls in Dade City, St. Leo, Zephyrhills

After weeks of campaigning, and in most cases raising thousands of dollars, it's time for voters in Dade City, St. Leo and Zephyrhills to head to the polls and make their choices in three hotly contested races. Angelica Herrera is challenging longtime commissioner Scott Black in Dade City; it's Raphael Davis vs. Commissioner Donna DeWitt in St. Leo, and Alan Knight is going to head-to-head with … [Read more...]

Mail-in votes racking up for municipal elections

In less than 24 hours, polls will open in Dade City, St. Leo and Zephyrhills to decide three local government races. And it's not clear if any last-minute campaigning by any of the candidates may matter. Mail-in ballots already represent an average 7 percent turnout in all three municipalities. St. Leo is leading all the cities and towns in Pasco County with a 17 percent turnout by mail so far … [Read more...]

Experience vs. New Blood

Three elections, six candidates, and three incumbents — all with more than a half-century of government experience. Voters head to the polls April 8 in Dade City, St. Leo and Zephyrhills, where they will decide, among other things, whether they want to keep longevity in their city government, or find a fresh perspective. Each of these municipalities faced controversy in recent months. Dade … [Read more...]

Herrera claims Black has ‘lost touch’ with Dade City

When Scott Black first took his seat on the Dade City Commission, Iraq had not yet invaded Kuwait to ignite the first Gulf War, George Bush (the first one) was still president, and spending more than a dollar for a gallon of gas probably meant it was premium. A lot has changed in 24 years, and Angelica Herrera feels Black has not kept up. And that’s why she’s facing off against him next … [Read more...]

Black takes commanding fundraising lead in Dade City race

It's just one week before voters decide whether to give Scott Black yet another term on the Dade City Commission, or turn his seat over to newcomer Angelica Herrera. But if dollars were votes, Black may have this one in the bag. In what was a very busy fundraising week for both candidates, Black out-raised Herrera $3,900 to $2,300. That now gives Black $7,825 through March 21, with … [Read more...]

Vote by mail deadline is April 2

Any voter wishing to avoid having to head to a precinct on election day April 8 has until April 2 to request a vote-by-mail ballot. After that, beginning on April 3, voters who wish to vote a paper ballot prior to election day can pick up their ballot at any of the three supervisor of elections offices in the county, or at their respective city halls. Elections locally are taking place in … [Read more...]

Two cities, town heading to the polls April 8

Mid-term elections are still months away, but cities and towns in Pasco County will have a chance to choose local leaders in municipal elections in Dade City, St. Leo and Zephyrhills. Qualifying ended Feb. 18 for municipal elections, and incumbents in those cities and town will face challengers. Winners will be decided April 8. Residents living in those cities who want to vote must be … [Read more...]