Seeking to improve Zephyrhills’ code enforcement

The city of Zephyrhills is taking a hard look at its code enforcement policies — in an effort to maintain property values and make the community more desirable. According to City Manager Steve Spina, that starts with taking “a holistic view” on the issue. “When people come to visit, they need to drive through town and see a vibrant commercial business community, a vibrant downtown,” Spina … [Read more...]

Jeffries House undergoing major restoration

Renovations are underway to the Historic Jeffries House in Zephyrhills. The Zephyrhills Community Redevelopment Agency’s (CRA) general contractor, Restoration Concepts, recently completed the leveling of the building, at 38533 Fifth Ave. The contractor replaced and added piers under the structure, replaced the latticework and replaced rotten wood on the building’s exterior. Windows were … [Read more...]

Seeking to stop illegal dumping

The collection bins that people fill with donations of shoes and clothes are a familiar sight around the community. For the most part, they help local charities that operate thrift stores or have giveaway programs to benefit low-income individuals and families. In most cases, they’re clean, well marked and routinely emptied. But, not always. And now, the Pasco County Commission and … [Read more...]