Local groups benefit from Guv’na cash grab

The candidates running for Lutz Guv'na spent months with their hands out. The person who raised the most money was declared the winner of the ceremonial title, so they were all focused on filling their coffers throughout their campaigns. Over the Fourth of July weekend, Jennifer Rankin was declared the winner and earned the Lutz Guv'na sash. But, the real winners were announced Oct. 1 at … [Read more...]

Lutz Patriots continue making every Friday a flag day

Every Friday afternoon, drivers on U.S. 41 near the Old Lutz School are making hand gestures and honking their horns. But they aren’t frustrated residents stuck in a traffic jam. The hand gestures are waves and thumbs-up, and they’re honking their horns at the Lutz Patriots, who line up American flags by the former school once a week. The Patriots are not a political organization, but … [Read more...]

In Print: Take a trip to Bok Tower Gardens

It's a place of beauty. It's a place of serenity. It's a place of history. Bok Tower Gardens has been a part of Florida since before the interstate highway system criss-crossed the region, becoming a popular stop since it opened in 1929. But even before the park opened, there were some who didn't believe the Lake Wales landmark would survive the year, let alone decades. "There were a … [Read more...]