Hitting all the right notes — together

It’s a Monday evening at the Dade City Woman’s Club and vocal coach Alison Graham sits at a small round table, near a bank of windows. Girls are sitting around her on the floor, listening as Graham reads through judges’ comments from their most recent competition. It’s a routine the girls know well. The singers, who are members of Graham Music Studios, are accustomed to performing, and … [Read more...]

Talented youths get time to shine

Jessica Twitmyer received the top scores to win a $1,000 Pasco Heritage Scholarship, during the 34th “Spotlight on Talent” on March 11 at the Center for the Arts at Wesley Chapel High School. Because of its popularity, the talent contest is divided into two shows, said Barbara Friedman, the executive producer for the competition, which is put on by the nonprofit Heritage Arts Center … [Read more...]

4,000 singers make music together in Rome

Singers from a choir from San Antonio were among 4,000 to join voices in Rome in a New Year’s Mass, celebrated by Pope Francis. “It was beautiful to hear all of the singing together,” said 14-year-old Catherine Beard, who belongs to the Saint Anthony Choristers from Saint Anthony of Padua Church. “We were in one place. We were all singing for God, together, from everywhere around the world,” … [Read more...]