Zephyrhills class addresses cognitive disabilities

Raising a child with developmental issues can be a complex situation for many parents. Understanding a child’s physiology, as well as health needs, can help parents in making favorable accommodations. Helping to increase that understanding was the mission set out by Dr. Christopher Schriver during a class last month at the Creation Health and Wellness Center in Zephyrhills. The … [Read more...]

Flu cases are up: Take precautions to stay well

Chances are that you know someone who has become ill with the flu this year. It could be a family member, a colleague, a friend or someone at church —whoever it is, Dr. James Robelli, of St. Joseph’s Hospital North in Lutz, offers this bit of advice: “If you know someone that has the flu, stay away from them.” More people are coming down with the flu, as compared to prior years, said Dr. … [Read more...]