Local veterans’ home celebrates 20 years of service

The Baldomero Lopez State Veterans’ Nursing Home drew hundreds to a celebration to mark the 20th anniversary of the center’s opening in Land O’ Lakes. The April 30 ceremony was held outside the facility, which has been home to veterans and has been a place where many community organizations have been involved for two decades. Marlies Sarrett, the facility administrator, opened the … [Read more...]

Technology helps people hear the word of God

At some point in life, most people know how it feels to be out of the loop. They’re sitting at a table in a restaurant, but they’re too far away to hear what is causing the laughter erupting at the other end of the table. They’re at the edge of a crowd and can’t hear what the speaker is saying. Someone is singing on stage, but they can’t make out the words. Imagine if that was an … [Read more...]