Teacher says technology is ‘great equalizer’

If Woodland Elementary teacher Bobbi Starling had it her way, every child would have access to the kinds of technology her students use. “The technology in my room does not represent what is school-wide. The other classrooms have one iPad for the whole classroom,” said Starling, who earlier this year was named one of 100 teachers nationwide as a PBS Digital Innovator. Woodland … [Read more...]

Medical marijuana, Common Core gaining statewide support

More often than not, elections become about people: Not the ones politicians are trying to represent, but the politicians themselves. The latest release from the University of South Florida’s Sunshine State Survey, however, is trying to shift that focus a bit back to issues, including those affecting the state as a whole. USF’s School of Public Affairs department, under the direction of Land … [Read more...]

Burgess won’t defend Duke Energy, despite donation

A state regulatory agency ordered the company to refund $54 million to customers last week, yet many Duke Energy customers remain unhappy about being charged for $3.2 billion in failed nuclear power plant projects. And one candidate for the Florida House is feeling the heat. Danny Burgess, the former Zephyrhills mayor looking to replace Will Weatherford in Tallahassee, had to answer some … [Read more...]