Dade City taking recovery steps in the midst of pandemic

As Florida begins to slowly reopen in the midst of coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19), the City of Dade City is likewise looking to bring City Hall operations up to full speed, in multiple stages. City administration and department heads are in the process of developing an action plan “to recall the full complement of our field staff very soon,” Dade City Manager Leslie Porter said, at an … [Read more...]

Collaboration creates connectivity

The opening of the State Road 56 Extension between Wesley Chapel and Zephyrhills has a personal benefit for Alora Butler, a student at Pasco-Hernando State College’s Porter Campus at Wiregrass Ranch. She said the new road segment will cut her 30-minute commute to school in half. It also reduces the time that the Zephyrhills resident spends on the road, to get to leisure activities or do … [Read more...]

New 4-lane to connect communities

Pasco County is set to receive a nearly $23 million state loan after state and local officials stitched together a deal for a four-lane extension of State Road 56 from Wiregrass Ranch to Zephyrhills. The project previously had been intended to build two lanes from Meadow Pointe Boulevard in Wiregrass Ranch to U.S. 301 in Zephyrhills. Converting it to a four-lane project will boost the … [Read more...]

Loan for State Road 56 no sure thing

A state loan to build two additional lanes of an extended State Road 56 is in jeopardy, as state and county officials haggle over details of how to repay the estimated $22 million construction costs. The road project currently calls for a two-lane extension of State Road 56 from Meadow Pointe Boulevard in Wiregrass Ranch to U.S. 301 in Zephyrhills. A state loan would allow a four-lane road … [Read more...]

Pasco takes first step toward loan for State Road 56

Pasco County commissioners agreed to at least inquire about a $27 million state loan to pay for an additional two lanes for the extension of State Road 56. But there are concerns that the payback could jeopardize other county road projects. On May 19, commissioners unanimously voted to submit a letter of interest to the State Infrastructure Bank for a 30-year, low-interest loan. The goal is for … [Read more...]

Zephyrhills wants respect on State Road 56 expansion

Just about every road leading to Zephyrhills is two lanes. And for what is soon to become the largest incorporated city in Pasco County, leaders there says it’s time for that to change. Yet, whether it’s U.S. 301 from the south, State Road 54 from the west, or now the new extension of State Road 56 into the airport business park area, Zephyrhills just can’t get any respect. “The rest of … [Read more...]