These kits can help save lives

A safety measure has been added to Pasco County high schools that’s aimed to help save lives during a mass casualty or active shooter situation. The schools now have bleed control kits — designed to help prevent victims from bleeding out before emergency responders arrive. The kits contain items such as tourniquets, blood-clotting dressings and casualty extraction litter, CPR mask, … [Read more...]

New Wesley Chapel fire station comes with more offerings

Wesley Chapel now has Pasco County’s second largest fire station, and the opening of Station 13 was celebrated at a ribbon cutting on May 30. The 9,400-square-foot station, off Old Pasco Road and Dayflower Boulevard, became operational several weeks before the celebration because the original station — which had been next to it — was torn down. Despite the blistering heat, a crowd of … [Read more...]

Heart defect doesn’t stop local teen

Samuel Mazzeo’s life changed forever, during a P.E. class at Cypress Creek Middle High. He was playing football with classmates on the school’s field when, suddenly, he collapsed. The teenager had gone into cardiac arrest. School officials, luckily, were on hand to quickly come to his aid. He was revived with CPR and a defibrillator. He received medical care at John Hopkins All … [Read more...]