Dementia Care Only at Memory Lane Cottage

In the three years since Memory Lane Cottage opened in New Tampa, it has helped many individuals and families cope with the challenges that come with dementia-related diseases. “Coming to terms with a family member’s dementia or Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis isn’t easy, and choosing a compassionate environment for your loved one’s long-term care can be equally daunting,” said Robert Matrazzo, … [Read more...]

Is your memory problem a normal part of aging, or a form of dementia?

Those attending Dr. Andrew E. Budson’s talks at the Plantation Palms Golf Club in Land O’ Lakes last week had two key takeaways. First, if you’re having problems with your memory, go to a doctor who specializes in memory issues. In some cases, the problem may be the result of something that’s completely reversible, and even when it’s not, the sooner treatment begins, the better, said … [Read more...]