Campaign 2016: Something to talk about

Everyone knows the old saying, the one designed to keep peace among restless kinfolk: Never discuss religion or politics. Sandy Graves knows it, too, and spurns it at every turn. “If it weren’t for religion and politics,” she says breezily, “I wouldn’t have anything to talk about.” This, as anyone who knows the first lady of Land O’ Lakes, is not entirely true. She can do hours on the history … [Read more...]

Florida at the DNC: Witness to History

Last week, the Democrats held their 2016 national convention in Philadelphia — the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection — and formally nominated Hillary Clinton for president and Sen. Tim Kaine for vice president. The Democratic National Convention followed the Republican National Convention, held the week before in Cleveland. Traditionally, the party that occupies the White House … [Read more...]

Dade City moves to ban fracking

Dade City could soon join other local governments around Florida that are approving laws to ban the practice of extracting oil or natural gas through fracking. Currently, eight counties and four cities in the state have banned fracking, including Seminole and Alachua counties, and the cities of St. Petersburg and Cape Coral. Dade City’s City Commission held a first public hearing on its … [Read more...]