Bible tracker helps reveal family stories

Andy Smith has been quietly going about the work of helping to reconnect people with their old family Bibles, for more than a decade. The Laker/Lutz News first profiled Smith and his unusual hobby three years ago, which led to feature stories about him broadcast on two local television stations. The coverage resulted in people coming forward to ask the northern Hillsborough County man to … [Read more...]

A ‘Safe Place’ for Dade City

The door is always left open — until someone is in danger. It’s called “Safe Place.” And it’s situated directly inside the lobby of the new Dade City police station, at 38030 Meridian Ave. While “Safe Place” signage was installed just last month, the 8-by-12 room has been operable since the 12,000-square-foot building opened in January 2016. Geared toward protecting against … [Read more...]

Preserving family history, one Bible at a time

Andy Smith, who attends Van Dyke Church in Lutz, has an unusual hobby. It began about eight years ago, sparked, in part, by the Bible he inherited from his grandmother. The sacred text originally belonged to his great-great grandparents, dating back to the 1870s. “I believe it was given to them as a wedding gift,” Smith said, and it was passed from generation to generation. “It is … [Read more...]