Final fundraisers keep Lutz Guv’na hopefuls busy

The race for Lutz Guv'na is wrapping up, but the candidates aren't ready to pack it in. All three hopefuls are prepping for last-minute fundraising, with some big events in the final days of the race. All the money goes to Lutz organizations, and the candidate who raises the most earns the ceremonial title. So they're pulling out all the stops to grab as much cash as possible. According … [Read more...]

Ayres aims for the Lutz Guv’na sash

Cheryl Lynn Ayres decided to pursue the ceremonial title of Lutz Guv'na in a very modern way. She was on Facebook. She is friends with previous Lutz Guv'nas on the social media website, and a few of them were discussing their efforts to recruit candidates for this year's campaign. Ayres posted that it might be time for her to give it a shot. And that was about all it took. "Within … [Read more...]