Pasco Sheriff’s Office warns of coronavirus scams

As coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19) dominates attention globally, the Pasco Sheriff’s Office warns that cybercriminals are seeking to capitalize on the public’s desire to know more about the outbreak. There are nationwide reports of phishing scams that attempt to steal personal information or to infect devices with malware, and ads that peddle false information or scam products, the … [Read more...]

Updated website revealed for Pasco County

The Pasco County Government has announced the launch of its new, updated website, which offers more accessibility for its partners, customers and visitors. A few of the website’s new features include: expanded search capabilities, streamlined menu options, mobile device compatibility, simpler navigation, and direct access to various materials. There also is a bigger, more prominent search … [Read more...]

Lending sinkhole victims a hand

Penny Foote felt the need to help families — after the largest sinkhole in Pasco County history opened July 14 on Ocean Pines Drive in Land O’ Lakes. “When I saw the two homes go in, my heart hit the floor,” Foote said. “I knew we had to do something and try to pull people together because it could’ve happened to anybody, even me.” That same day, Foote created the Lake Padgett Families … [Read more...]

East Pasco Rocks plays hide-and-seek

East Pasco County residents are having a rockin’ good time – with hide-and-seek painted rocks. On a recent Sunday, members of a new club, East Pasco Rocks, packed a pavilion at Zephyr Park in Zephyrhills for their first group painting party. They brought art supplies, creativity and - rocks. Afterward, children gathered up the pretty stones, hidden for a treasure hunt in the … [Read more...]

Zephyrhills senior home gets new name

Just two months after picking up a new owner, West Winds Assisted Living Facility in Zephyrhills is no more. The 75-bed for-profit facility is now called Rosecastle of Zephyrhills, according to a posting on the facility's Facebook page. "West Winds Assisted Living is now Rosecastle of Zephyrhills, and yes, we still are an assisted living and memory care facility for seniors who find that … [Read more...]

Early senate bill wants D’Souza movie required at schools

A state senator from central Florida feels it's time for middle school and high school students to become better Americans. And to do that, Sen. Alan Hays, R-Umatilla, wants to make viewing what he deems a "patriotic movie" a requirement for eighth-graders and high school juniors. In a bill filed Nov. 18, Hays wants to make the 2014 film "America: Imagine the World Without Her," an annual event … [Read more...]

Beware of get-rich flipping money scam

People who are desperate for cash may be easy prey for a get-rich quick scheme known as a “flipping money scam.” These scams are showing up on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, according to the Hillsborough County Consumer Protection Agency, in the form of messages from people promising to flip money from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars. Often, these people … [Read more...]

Coach Keppel takes narrow lead in national contest

There are just hours left in a national contest that could send a popular Land O' Lakes cross-country coach to Seattle to become America's most inspiring coach. But he needs all the votes he can muster to keep that lead. Kris Keppel is competing for the Brooks Inspiring Coaches Award, offered by sports apparel and equipment manufacturer Brooks Sports Inc. Since last month, Keppel has … [Read more...]

Army, Air Force vets have chance for ‘American Dream’

Military veterans with dreams of owning their own business have a chance to compete for startup money that could help them do just that. "Operation American Dream" is a contest from Signal 88 Security, encouraging those who have served the country through the U.S. Army or U.S. Air Force to submit a video by May 15 explaining why they want to own their own business. The U.S. Small Business … [Read more...]

Hollywood comes to Land O’ Lakes

Dee Sandillo, owner of Hair Power, brings Hollywood hair styles from the past, present and future to the Land O’ Lakes / Tampa area. Dee and her stylists are able to create any look from classic to modern and trendy. Dee is a master stylist with 37 years of experience. Before moving to Florida four years ago, she owned eight salons in Connecticut. She managed a salon in Tampa until she opened … [Read more...]