Bring on the quilts, draft horses and antique cars

If you enjoy stepping back to a simpler time, the Farm Fest & Quilt Show at the Pioneer Florida Museum & Village was probably your kind of gathering. Quilters showed off their works and draft horses demonstrated their strength during the event, which featured an array of activities designed to appeal to people of all ages. Event-goers could peruse quilts made by local quilters, … [Read more...]

Horses, quilts and homespun skills

Pioneer Florida Museum & Village put the spotlight on farm life, and the homespun skills passed down through generations at its annual Farm Festival and Quilt Show. The event was held on museum grounds in Dade City on Feb. 4 and Feb. 5. Large crowds gathered during the Draft Horse Pulling Competition to cheer their favorite teams. The contest pitted 20 horse teams against each other, … [Read more...]

Let the good times roll

Part of the secret to having fun is knowing where to find it. And, then once you have figured out some options, it’s good to know early enough so you can do what you need to do, to maximize your enjoyment. That’s the idea behind this master calendar: It’s a list of fun stuff to do in 2018 — giving readers plenty of time to consider their choices and make some plans. So, as New Year gets … [Read more...]

Resolve to have fun in 2017

Maybe 2017 is the year that you’re going to have more fun. But, perhaps you want to improve planning your activities, and to get a better handle on your spending, too. The Laker/Lutz News is here to help. Whether you’re new to area, or have lived here for decades, this guide is intended to help you plan fun activities for you and your family, without breaking the bank. January Raising … [Read more...]