La Yuma dishes Cuban cuisine in Lutz

Chef Pepe Diaz keeps a close eye on what goes on in his kitchen. The Cuban dishes that pass from the kitchen to the dining room at La Yuma restaurant are authentic to his native country. But, Diaz also has recipes uniquely his own. His back story in itself is not the typical path to culinary success. As a political prisoner of Fidel Castro, his job in jail was to take scant food … [Read more...]

Expert says jihadist terrorism is world’s No. 1 threat

Jihadist terrorism is the No. 1 challenge facing the world, according to retired U.S. Gen. Barry McCaffrey. The recent attacks in Paris brought that reality into stark view. More than 130 people died, and more than 350 were wounded, in a coordinated assault at six locations in Paris. It is an act of terrorism being compared to 9/11 in New York in 2001. The Islamic State of Iraq claimed … [Read more...]