Local groups help federal workers

Organizations around the region are stepping up to help, as workers and their families struggle during the nation’s longest partial federal government shutdown. The help has come in various forms. “The key is to take off some of the pressure from these folks (so they can) worry less about where their food is coming from,” explained Greg Giordano, assistant tax collector of Pasco … [Read more...]

More than 70 teams at lacrosse tournament in Wesley Chapel

Wesley Chapel is gearing up for a lacrosse tournament that attracts teams from across the country and provides an economic boost for Pasco County. The Dick’s Sporting Goods Tournament of Champions presented by Pasco County is slated for Dec. 29 through Dec. 31. The tournament, operated by NDP Lacrosse, will showcase 73 elite teams from five youth divisions that will be vying for national … [Read more...]

On The Cheap Fun on Father’s Day

Mother's Day is such a special event, we almost forget about that other day the following month. But Father's Day is just as important, and a great holiday for people who like to do things on the cheap. After all, who was better at pinching pennies when you were growing up than dear old dad? So, if you can celebrate Father's Day and save some money at the same, you'll earn his admiration and … [Read more...]

Treat mom, save money this weekend

Mother's Day is an opportunity to spend quality time with your mom, grandmother, spouse or anyone who best fits that "mother" role. It's a day to do something special. But it's not a time to be irresponsible with your finances. Sure, you could spend a bunch of money on expensive flowers and take her to a fancy lunch. But what message would you be sending? That you're not watching your money? … [Read more...]