Gas prices starting to stabilize despite declines

The winning streak for gas customers has now continued into its 40th consecutive day as the price for a gallon of regular unleaded continues to drop in Florida. But with oil prices finally starting to stabilize, it might not be long before those prices halt their free fall. The price of oil dropped just 23 cents last week, compared to more than $4 the week before, according to a new report … [Read more...]

Gas prices hit 4-year low

Does the cost of gas seem cheaper than usual? It should, because drivers haven't experienced prices like these since 2010. Back then, gas was $2.74 per gallon, according to AAA. Within a year, it would jump nearly 80 cents, and climb even higher in 2011. Yet, the national average of $3.50 set over the weekend not only is 3 cents cheaper than last week, but the lowest it's been since those … [Read more...]

Gas prices on the rise, and here’s why

It's costing more to pump gas at the pump than it did a few weeks ago -- locally more than a dime more per gallon -- but gas price spikes are nothing like what's happening in and around Orlando. There, prices have jumped as much as 16 cents per gallon, according to And all of it is because of an "imperfect storm of events." The biggest problem, according to senior petroleum … [Read more...]