American Legion Post 108 marks 80th anniversary

The group wants a home of its own When American Legion Post 108 formed 80 years ago, it had its preliminary meeting in an old house on Denny Johnson’s old grove, on Lake Fern Road, according to club records. About 10 veterans gathered for that initial 1937 meeting. Next, they met in an old store building on U.S. 41, then known as Route 41, near the Superette. After that, the group met … [Read more...]

A time-honored tradition to remember those who served

The four men came to Lutz Cemetery on a Saturday morning, with a cool breeze stirring the trees, and the sun shining brightly in the clear blue sky. They got to work quickly, each grabbing a supply of American flags and staking out a segment of the cemetery. The men — Bill Garrison, Ray Mason, Richard Fernandez and Jim Evans — worked their way through the rows of gravestones, looking for … [Read more...]

Herrera claims Black has ‘lost touch’ with Dade City

When Scott Black first took his seat on the Dade City Commission, Iraq had not yet invaded Kuwait to ignite the first Gulf War, George Bush (the first one) was still president, and spending more than a dollar for a gallon of gas probably meant it was premium. A lot has changed in 24 years, and Angelica Herrera feels Black has not kept up. And that’s why she’s facing off against him next … [Read more...]