Seeking volunteers to help hospice patients’ pets

Gulfside Hospice & Pasco Palliative Care provides compassionate care for patients on the end-of-life journey. Increasingly, that care means giving people peace of mind when it comes to decisions about their pets. Since 2014, the nonprofit’s Pet Peace of Mind program has taken stress away from patients worried about who will care for their furry companions. In many cases, volunteers … [Read more...]

Quilters finish what Gertrude Dupuis started

When Gertrude Dupuis began sewing her last quilt in Midland, Mich., she didn’t know that it would be completed by a group named the Leisure Day Quilters and used to benefit hospice patients like herself in Pasco County. Dupuis was an avid quilter and loved her hobby. When she passed away on Feb. 18, 2013 under hospice care in Michigan, her daughter, Marilyn Rindle, knew she could not leave … [Read more...]

Some angels, like this volunteer, don’t have wings

When 77-year-old Jeanette Tatro heard her name being called as the Volunteer of the Year for Gulfside Regional Hospice, the Zephyrhills woman couldn’t believe her ears. After all, she had received the award two other times in the past, and she also is the sole winner of the organization’s Spirit of Hospice Award. It didn’t surprise her when her name was announced as one of the … [Read more...]

Butterflies soar, and spirits do, too

Some sat in wheelchairs. Others stood with walkers. Some had canes. But this crowd of senior citizens cheered like school children when the flock of 50-plus butterflies flew freely into a new garden at Connerton Assisted Care. The butterfly release was timed to celebrate the grand opening of a new garden at the assisted care center, located at 21021 Betel Palm Lane in Land O’ Lakes. The … [Read more...]