Ownership agreement reached on Hercules Park

The city of Zephyrhills and the Pasco County School Board are ready to complete a deal that will deed part of Hercules Park to the city. The Zephyrhills City Council approved an inter-local agreement with the school district on June 25. The agreement will be presented to school board members on July 24. If approved, Zephyrhills would own about 9 acres of the approximately 15-acre park, … [Read more...]

Master plan developing for Hercules Park

Hercules Park is still in line to become the property of the city of Zephyrhills. But, an agreement to transfer the parkland from the Pasco County School District to the city remains a work in progress. “We’re still on track to turn it over, and we will do that,” said Ray Gadd, deputy superintendent for Pasco County Schools. The Zephyrhills City Council received an update on the matter on … [Read more...]

Land sale pending near Hercules Park

A commercial corner by the entrance into Hercules Park is on its way to being sold. What happens with the remainder of the park's land will depend on negotiations between officials from Pasco County Schools and the City of Zephyrhills. Zephyrhills officials remain eager to see the park reopened and refurbished, said Steve Spina, city manager. He anticipates meeting with school district … [Read more...]

Is Hercules Park back in play?

The city of Zephyrhills could get another chance to own Hercules Park. A deal between the Pasco County School District and Gh&G Florida LLC remains under negotiation, but it isn’t clear a final deal can be struck. To put the city of Zephyrhills in the posture of being able to purchase the park, the Zephyrhills City Council, on Dec. 14, voted 3 to 2 to renew the city’s offer to buy the … [Read more...]

Developers could buy Hercules Park; donate land

The city of Zephyrhills lost its bid to purchase Hercules Park, but there is hope still that a large swath of the park and its aquatic center can become city property. The Pasco County School Board unanimously voted to begin negotiating the park’s sale with developers from Gh&G Florida LLC. Their bid for $2.3 million topped Zephyrhills’ bid of $1.7 million for the 15.5-acre park. But … [Read more...]

Zephyrhills puts in strong bid to buy Hercules Park

The Zephyrhills City Council voted to put in a bid with the Pasco school board to buy Hercules Park and develop a master plan to restore the historical park and former aquatic center. Council members had a special public meeting April 20 to discuss options including purchase of approximately 2.5 acres of the park that has long been rumored as a site for a Race Trac gas station. The decision … [Read more...]