Her career touched many lives

Officially, Betsy Crisp’s last day of work was Feb. 3. But, based on her track record, it seems unlikely that the Land O’ Lakes woman will merely kick back and relax. Crisp retired after 29 years as the food and consumer sciences extension agent for the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences – Pasco Cooperative Extension. She is the woman who crisscrossed … [Read more...]

Sowing new seeds of inspiration

For gardeners who are looking for some new ideas, the Bette S. Walker Discovery Garden in Seffner provides inspiration — and information. The garden, at the Hillsborough County Extension office, gives growing enthusiasts a chance to see the variety of plants that will thrive in a Florida landscape. It also showcases the various ways plants will grow — in raised beds, on trellises, in … [Read more...]

Make your own vegetable stock

I love to cook, and this year I am trying to cook more meals at home. I find chopping vegetables — like weeding — to be truly cathartic, and preparing a tasty, elegant meal for myself is one of life’s simple pleasures. While recently cooking a mushroom barley soup, I thought of making my own stock. We chop our veggies and add them to meals. And, some of us are smart enough to save … [Read more...]

Veggie Van to deliver fresh produce in East Pasco

For many low-income families, putting fresh fruits and vegetables on a grocery shopping list is a luxury out of reach. They live in what are known as food deserts, where the only choice for buying groceries is a corner store or a convenience shop. Fresh produce is either nonexistent or so costly families can't afford it. Catching a public bus to a grocery store isn't always a … [Read more...]

What are those patches on my trees?

They’re likely lichens, and they’re not harmful It’s spring, and you’re out in your garden enjoying the flowers and making plans — and then you begin noticing problems. When you glance at a nearby tree, you may see patches all over the trunk, bark and stems. These patches, or spots, are commonly white or green, but sometimes they are gray, pink, red, yellow or lime green. They may appear … [Read more...]