Tax Refund Is A Great Way To Fund Home Improvements

You may already be thinking about how to best use your tax refund, which most people get in February and March, a few weeks after filing their 2019 tax returns. Tax refunds are substantial income for many families. The IRS reports that 90 percent of American taxpayers receive a refund, with $2,725 being the average refund in 2018. And, while it’s fun to fantasize about blowing your refund on … [Read more...]

Use precautions to prevent crimes

If you want to avoid becoming a victim of crime — you can never be too careful. At least that’s how Bryan Roquemore, a retired criminal justice professor, sees it. Roquemore now leads the Crime Prevention Task Force of Florida, a community service organization developed by former law enforcement officers. The group seeks to expand public awareness on criminal threats in today’s society … [Read more...]

Chances are, the IRS is not calling you

Residents around Florida are getting phone calls from people claiming they are from the IRS, and that they are owed money that must be paid promptly. However, the Better Business Bureau serving West Florida is calling these types of calls scams, and warning people around the state to not give out personal information. “Don’t be pressured into making payments you don’t owe,” said Karen … [Read more...]

How much will it cost this year to pay taxes?

Taxpayers looking to hire a professional to complete their 2013 tax return can expect to pay an average of $261 for an itemized Form 1040 with Schedule A, according to a new report from the National Society of Accountants. “The IRS says it takes an average of four hours just to complete and submit a Form 1040,” said John Ams, executive vice president of NSA, in a release. “You have to ask, ‘How … [Read more...]