Rallying ’round the blueberry bushes

Hurricane Irma blew across the landscape, uprooting and toppling about 100,000 blueberry bushes at Frogmore Fresh Farm, outside Dade City. In Irma’s aftermath, the farm’s general manager, Leonard Park, knew he had a narrow window to salvage as many of the plants as possible. He also knew he didn’t have enough labor to make that happen. An unexpected phone call from Whitney Elmore offered … [Read more...]

Turn your yard trash into landscape treasure

Composting is a wonderful way to turn yard trash into a landscaping treasure. Composting doesn’t need to be difficult. It can be as simple as taking fallen leaves and using them in the landscape beds, instead of purchasing mulch. Over time, the leaves will decompose resulting in organic matter that is full of nutrients and beneficial in maintaining healthy plants. Compost offers many benefits … [Read more...]

Keys to having a healthy lawn

Our Florida lawns are becoming active once again, now that the weather is warmer and days are longer than 12 hours. This also means lots of calls and walk-ins to the UF/IFAS Pasco County Extension Office with questions about lawn care. Some of the more popular questions this year have been the use of pet and family-friendly alternatives to chemicals for control of lawn diseases. The best … [Read more...]