Residents offer opinions on life in Pasco

An annual online citizen survey offers a snapshot in time of how Pasco County residents view their quality of life. And, it turns out that in 2017, about 71 percent of the people living in Pasco considered the quality of life either excellent or good. The survey did spotlight a few negatives, including a frustration with traffic that makes it hard to get around. On that issue, results showed … [Read more...]

Pasco County water customers get relief

Listen to the customer — that’s the lesson learned by Pasco County after unhappy residents repeatedly complained during the past year about exorbitant and sometimes unexplainable water bills. “It is moving in the right direction,” said Marc Bellas, director of performance development for Pasco County, referring to the county’s efforts to create a more customer-friendly water … [Read more...]

Pasco considering ban on hiring smokers for county jobs

It’s hard to argue the numbers against smoking: It’s caused 20.8 million deaths since 1965, it’s been linked to 12 kinds of cancer and 17 chronic diseases, and can create similar problems to anyone else exposed to the smoke, according to the U.S. Surgeon General. So for Pasco County, banning cigarette smoking is a no-brainer. However, preventing smokers from being hired by the county? That … [Read more...]

In Print: No smoking in Pasco, running the Boston Marathon, and a new app

Despite the numerous health warnings against it, more than 42 million Americans -- 18.1 percent of the population, according to the Centers for Disease Control -- smoke cigarettes. They light up at home, they light up in the car, during meals, or when ever they may be stressed. However, those smokers may not be welcome to work with the Pasco County government come October if a plan offered … [Read more...]