Summer heat poses health risks; take steps to stay safe

Heat advisories, warnings and watches have been issued in recent weeks across the country, putting millions of Americans at risk. At least six deaths were attributed to the massive heatwave, and events, such as the New York City Marathon, were cancelled, according to CBS News. And, it comes as no surprise that Florida’s notorious heat and humidity also can create potentially dangerous … [Read more...]

Husband and Wife Team Board Certified in Plastic Surgery and Dermatology Open Clinic in Wesley Chapel

Women have many choices when it comes to cosmetic surgery and skin care. Board-certified plastic surgeons and board-certified dermatologists are uniquely trained to provide these services. Together, Drs. Raj and Aparna Ambay provide Tampa’s first center for coordinated care. “Quality and safety should always be a priority,” Dr. Raj Ambay, a board-certified plastic surgeon, recommends … [Read more...]