Pasco reviewing lawsuit proposal linked to opioid epidemic

More than 15 years ago, a landmark settlement against tobacco companies netted billions of dollars for plaintiffs who sued over smoking-related illnesses. The nation’s opioid epidemic may be headed in that same direction. And, the Pasco County Commission is mulling a proposal to join a growing number of governments that are seeking to recoup public dollars spent battling opioid … [Read more...]

New district park opens in Starkey Ranch development

Pasco County residents have a new district park, shaped and landscaped out of a former cow pasture at Starkey Ranch. But, before children could run bases at the new ball fields or play hopscotch at the playground, the “premier” park got its official unveiling at a ceremony on Oct. 31. About 30 people attended, including members of the Starkey family, the development team for the … [Read more...]

Local bidders could have an advantage in Pasco

Pasco County commissioners might soon give local vendors an advantage over their competitors when bidding on county government contracts. Commissioners directed legal staff to amend the county’s purchasing ordinance to create a local preference system for contract bids, during an Aug. 22 workshop in Dade City. For instance, a local company that offers the second lowest bid could become … [Read more...]

Higher school impact fees expected in 2018

The Pasco County School Board didn’t get the school impact rate increases initially recommended by a consultant hired by the school district, and the building community didn’t get the rate it was pushing — but Pasco County Commissioners have agreed to support higher impact fees for school construction. During a July 11 public hearing, commissioners committed to a proposed ordinance that calls … [Read more...]

Vote set for July 11 on school impact fees

It’s not clear yet how much Pasco County will increase school impact fees charged against new residential development, but there appears to be a consensus on the board that some increase is merited. School district officials and the building community also agree that higher fees will help address the district’s problem of providing school facilities to accommodate the district’s burgeoning … [Read more...]

Pasco budget includes more library hours, park money

Pasco County commissioners didn’t care for the lean 2018 budget, with no frills, they received at a June 13 workshop. So, they added in about $7.6 million in reserve funds to pay for a litany of items for libraries, parks and public safety. At about $1.34 billion, the proposed fiscal year budget is slightly more than the $1.3 billion offered up by Pasco County Administrator Dan … [Read more...]

Quail Hollow vote delayed again

The Pasco County Commission agreed to a third delay on a vote regarding a proposal to redevelop the land occupied by the Quail Hollow Golf Course. Commissioners agreed to the delay at the request of representatives of the golf course’s owner, who would like all five commissioners to be present when the vote is taken on the proposal to build houses on the golf course land. Andre Carollo, … [Read more...]

Pasco looks to lift residential parking rule

The Pasco County Commission is looking to get rid of a parking restriction that has posed a problem in neighborhoods. Under its current rules, people parking on the street in residential communities need to have a permit, or they can be cited. The rule likely isn’t common knowledge to many residents, and appears to be headed toward its demise. Commissioners have asked the county’s … [Read more...]

Age 55-and-older community gets private road

Developers and residents often clash when it comes to land issues. But, on two issues involving roads relating to a proposed 55-and-older, gated community — there was a rare moment when both sides agreed. And, the developers and residents got the response they wanted from Pasco County commissioners, too. One issue involved eliminating the extension of Five Farms Avenue, that would connect … [Read more...]

Hearings authorized for impact fee hike

The Pasco County Commission has set into motion the process for boosting school impact fees, which are charged against new residential construction to help pay for new schools. Commissioners directed county staff to set up a hearing before the Development Review Committee and to establish two public hearing dates on a proposal to boost school impact fees. In pushing the issue forward, … [Read more...]