National parks offer lessons in life, history

The nation’s history is recorded in books and taught in classrooms — but, author Penny Musco recommends another path of discovery. She suggests that you visit as many of the 417 properties in the U.S. National Parks Services as possible. That list includes 59 parks, 87 monuments, 15 rivers, three scenic trails, four battlefield parks, 11 battlefields, 78 historic sites, and thousands of … [Read more...]

Mock battle presents live history lesson

Nearly 200 re-enactors from all over Florida take part in the mock battle that’s held every year. With about 1,500 spectators watching from a hillside, the re-enacted battle  takes place a few hundred feet from the actual battleground inside the Dade Battle Historic State Park in Sumter County. The real battle, that took place 181 years ago, started the Second Seminole War. That war … [Read more...]

Look out for gopher tortoises on spring strolls

A gopher tortoise strolling across a road or through a backyard or field is a common sight during spring in Florida. Yet, as tortoises become increasingly active this time of year, they are vulnerable to being struck by vehicles, and injured or killed. Don’t forget to look out for these slow-moving reptiles with their bony-plated shells and elephantine legs, state officials said. They leave … [Read more...]

Pressure grows on Scott to veto speed limit bill

AAA is not a big fan of raising the speed limit on Florida highways, and is asking Gov. Rick Scott to veto a bill that would do just that. S.B. 392, which was introduced by state Sen. Jeff Brandes, R-St. Petersburg, would allow Florida to join Maine as the only states east of the Mississippi River that would allow speeds above 70 mph. The bill would allow the Florida Department of … [Read more...]