Create your own indoor garden, using houseplants

A popular trend from Victorian times is making a comeback: Growing houseplants. If you look online at image-sharing websites, apps, and boards and you’ll find that indoor plants are very popular. In fact, a new term called “jungalow style” incorporates the use of plants inside homes and offices. Jungalow style brings the beauty and life of plants indoors by integrating them in living … [Read more...]

Building the community, one check at a time

After the race for the Lutz Guv’na wraps up every year, the money raised is doled out to local groups and causes. This year the race drew candidates Greg Gilbert of Beef O' Brady's Lutz, Jessica Sherman with Pinch A Penny, and Kori Rankin, of Kori Rankin Photography. Ultimately, Rankin won the Guv’na’s sash. Her stepmother, Jennifer Rankin, won the sash in 2015. The 2017 campaign for the … [Read more...]

Escape life’s upheaval at familiar county fair

You don’t need a consumer confidence report to know that the economy is on a rebound trajectory. Instead, just open your eyes to what’s going on in Pasco County, where change, once more, is afoot. You can scarcely swing a surveyor’s plumb bob without whacking evidence of our resurgence. Earth movers are moving earth. Grimy guys with signs are redirecting traffic. New construction is erupting … [Read more...]

A chance to see stars, and moon craters

Kevin Manning knows a thing or two about astronomy. And, the former NASA consultant and college instructor shared his knowledge in a 90-minute presentation about the solar system at the Hugh Embry Library in Dade City on Jan. 20. Manning’s “Look Up to the Stars” presentation provided a virtual journey through the sun, the planets and their moons, and debris left over from the earliest times … [Read more...]

Library is all-in for robotics

  Edgar is a show-off. He flips a large exercise ball into the air with a thumping, quick-action lever. But the roving robot – a compact collection of digitized metal, plastic and wires – would be nothing without his human creators – the Edgar Allan Ohms Robotics Team. The little guy- all 15 pounds or so - couldn’t even whir and zip across the floor without a human programming a … [Read more...]