Developers get $6 million county loan to build offices

A project to build two upscale, premier office buildings will get a $6 million loan from Pasco County. The Pasco County Commission approved the loan agreement with Atlanta-based Land Investment Partners at its March 14 meeting in Dade City. No tenants are pre-signed for the office space. However, if certain performance goals in leasing the buildings are met, the entire loan could be … [Read more...]

Pasco commissioners approve business park

The Pasco County Commission liked the business park, but couldn’t stand its proposed name. “Vibrant Sun (Business Park) would sound like I’m going to a casino,” Pasco County Commissioner Mike Moore said. So, instead of being called the Vibrant Sun Business Park, the new development site will be known as Overpass Business Park. The business park, which will be located on 91 acres at … [Read more...]

County seeks business park for future development

Pasco County wants to encourage more business parks and diversify the county’s job base. The county’s Office of Economic Growth is spearheading that effort by scouting for vacant land that can be made site-ready to attract developers on speculation. In keeping with that goal, county staff members introduced a proposal for the Vibrant Sun Business Park at a Jan. 11 meeting of the Development … [Read more...]

Pasco encourages commercial growth

A revolving loan program, with an initial outlay of up to $15 million, could soon prime the pump for new commercial development, and bring more jobs to Pasco County. The funds can be used by private investors to make land site-ready for development or to construct shell buildings for potential office, industrial and flex-space uses. The goal is to entice greater investment in the one area of … [Read more...]

Pasco County adopts new marketing approach

Saying that Pasco County is a place with “room to grow” is all but passé, now that developers are on a building spree that is gobbling up wide-open spaces. Retail, rooftops, offices, hotels are plowing up dirt and raising expectations for a more diversified suburban community that accommodates hipper, trendier living. So, out with the old, in with the new. The county’s marketing … [Read more...]

Loan program aims to attract Pasco jobs

Pasco County has earmarked $15 million for a revolving loan program ultimately aimed at creating more jobs. The program seeks to encourage investors to prepare sites for development, or build shell buildings for office or industrial use, thus speeding the process for companies that want to set up shop in Pasco County. The deadline for applications for this new loan program is Nov. 13. The … [Read more...]