Could gas fall to $2? Not here, but a few places might

It wasn't very long ago that there was hope gas would drop below $3 a gallon by the end of the year. But could the unimaginable be possible instead? Could gas actually drop below $2 a gallon? For 58 consecutive days, gas prices have dropped in Florida. And it's not stopping anytime soon, especially after OPEC decided against cutting oil production to help stabilize gasoline prices. "Drivers … [Read more...]

Another steep drop sends gas prices closer to $3

It's good news for travelers this week as the price of gas fell another 6 cents per gallon this past week, hitting its lowest point since February, and making that elusive sub-$3 mark look even more realistic. Part of that continued decrease in price could come from what refineries have to do every year: switch from summer blend to winter blend fuel. "Winter blend gas is cheaper to produce, … [Read more...]

Rising tensions in Iraq kicking up gas prices

It doesn't take a lot to push up gas prices, and even just the thought of conflict rising once again in Iraq has done just that, breaking a downward streak of more than 50 days in Florida. "Motorists should be ready for gas prices to increase around 5 to 10 cents," said AAA spokesman Mark Jenkins, in a release. "The price hike could continue depending on the duration of this … [Read more...]