Looking for $2 gas? It might be coming soon

Savings at the gas pump are averaging $10 for every fill-up, yet it doesn't look like gas prices are going to start heading back up anytime soon. In fact, prices crept closer to $2 a gallon this past week, as domestic oil supply is at a three-decade high, and forecast to keep growing. At the same time, the price of oil fell to its lowest level in five years. "Oil prices are plunging because … [Read more...]

Pasco residents commute longer than Hillsborough drivers

Pasco County residents take longer to get to work in the morning than their neighbors in Hillsborough County. That's according to numbers provided by the U.S. Census Bureau on its Census Explorer Map. Using 2012 data, the Census Bureau determined that the average Pasco County driver spends 30 minutes on the road commuting to work, compared to 26 minutes for residents living in Hillsborough … [Read more...]