Pasco commissioners seek way to stop panhandlers

They already have an ordinance on the books that addresses panhandlers, and another one that addresses trespassing. But, the Pasco County Commission still hasn’t found an effective way to put a stop to panhandling. “We have a panhandling ordinance in place. We write a lot of tickets to all of the people that are doing the panhandling. One gentleman has 240 tickets,” Commissioner Jack Mariano … [Read more...]

Panhandling off-limits in Pasco

Pasco County commissioners have approved a ban aimed at preventing street-corner panhandling in the county. That action came despite pleas from those who had been selling newspapers in the county on Sundays. By adopting a total ban, the county would cost workers’ wages and jobs, opponents said. “I’m begging you, please understand you are affecting so many people,” said Renee Contreras, … [Read more...]