Panel says no to charter in Pasco County

With a one-vote margin, opponents of a charter-style government in Pasco County killed a proposal that had the backing of the county’s legislative delegation. In an 8-7 vote, a 15-member appointed panel opted not to write a charter that could have significantly changed the way Pasco County’s government operates. The vote came after the county’s five-member legislative delegation – State Rep. … [Read more...]

Legislative delegation to weigh in on charter

Fish or cut bait? Members of the Municipal Association of Pasco County, which represents the six cities in Pasco, want a final decision on whether the county should alter its form of government. They likely will get their wish on Aug. 24 when the county’s appointed charter review panel has scheduled a vote on the matter. A previously scheduled vote on Aug. 10 was postponed until the … [Read more...]

Charter committee faces crucial vote

A panel that was appointed to examine whether Pasco County needs a new structure could be headed toward a conclusion, if panel members decide to reject a charter-style government. On the other hand, a favorable decision would mean the panel has more work to do to craft the details of how that charter government would operate. A vote is tentatively set for Aug. 10, on the same day the … [Read more...]