Agreement reached on forensic research campus

Pasco County commissioners approved a three-way agreement that sets up the framework for ownership and operation of a forensic research and training facility on county land next to the Land O’ Lakes Detention Center. One feature of the facility is a body farm to aid in criminal investigations, body identification and research into body decomposition. Florida F.I.R.S.T. (Forensic … [Read more...]

Pasco County approves 2018 budget

Pasco County commissioners approved a $1.3 billion budget for fiscal year 2018, which begins Oct. 1. The budget is slightly less than the 2017 budget, but still has new expenditures for parks, boat ramps and the proposed Ridge Road extension. County commissioners had a final public hearing, and vote, on the new budget on Sept. 26 in New Port Richey. There will be no change in the … [Read more...]

Higher school impact fees expected in 2018

The Pasco County School Board didn’t get the school impact rate increases initially recommended by a consultant hired by the school district, and the building community didn’t get the rate it was pushing — but Pasco County Commissioners have agreed to support higher impact fees for school construction. During a July 11 public hearing, commissioners committed to a proposed ordinance that calls … [Read more...]

Negotiations underway for county administrator

Pasco County Commissioners have selected Daniel F. Biles as their top choice for the next county administrator and his contract negotiations are underway. Biles emerged as the clear favorite in the selection process, and commissioners voted unanimously to offer him the position, said Commission Chairman Mike Moore. If Biles agrees to terms, he will replace County Administrator Michele Baker, who … [Read more...]

Views exchanged on ending Pasco blight

A proposed ordinance to tackle blight and enforce minimum standards for maintaining commercial buildings drew mostly favorable reviews at a town hall meeting. But, some remain skeptical about what they see as more government bureaucracy. Pasco County Commissioners are expected to vote on the proposal on Oct. 20, following a public hearing. The issue has sparked considerable … [Read more...]

Homebuilders want compromise on potential ban of feather signs

Pasco County has strict ordinances against temporary signs, but the proliferation of tall advertising flags known as “feather signs” has some county commissioners looking to make those ordinances even more restrictive. However, Pasco County commissioners said they would wait at least long enough for the homebuilding community to weigh in — an industry that heavily depends on such temporary … [Read more...]

County may try anonymous code enforcement complaints

Tired of seeing a neighbor’s car up on concrete blocks? Worried that snakes are finding a paradise in a home’s overgrown yard on your street? Making a complaint to Pasco County’s Customer Service Department requires a name, address and telephone number. But it might not be that way for long. Pasco County Commissioners are exploring the idea of allowing the option to report code … [Read more...]

Paving public streets: Some homeowners left in the dust

Years of dirt roads will soon end for residents of the Pasco Lake Estates subdivision after Pasco County Commissioners approved a paving project of just under $800,000. But it won’t be cheap as landowners in the neighborhood fork over thousands of dollars over the next 15 years to pay for the project. That’s business as usual for anyone wanting to pave any of the more than 500 miles of dirt … [Read more...]

Next step toward elevated road: Public education

The biggest obstacle in the way of an elevated road connecting the east and west sides of Pasco County is public education. At least that’s what Pasco County Commissioners stated last week just before signaling their support of the Florida Department of Transportation’s continued study into an unsolicited bid that would build upward on the State Road 54/56 corridor. “I definitely don’t … [Read more...]

Dade Oaks on way to new home, location

From 14th Street in Dade City, it’s hard to imagine the site that has been home to Dade Oaks Apartments since 1977 was once a lakebed. Yet, there are some parts of the property, maintained by the Pasco County Housing Authority, that drop as much as 55 feet, and flooding has been an issue there for decades. That’s why when the time came to do something about the aging buildings, Pasco … [Read more...]