Political Agenda 02/19/2020

Pasco Supervisor of Elections website change The Pasco County Supervisor of Election’s Office has converted its website from a .com to a .gov Internet address, according to a news release. The switch was made as a security measure, according to the release. “Elections security continues to be at the forefront in all that we do, which is why we secured the PascoVotes.gov domain. Only … [Read more...]

Historic election comes to a close

Votes will be counted on Nov. 8 to determine which candidate will be the next president of the Unites States – Donald J. Trump or Hillary Clinton. But, voters also will choose candidates running for state and local office in Pasco and Hillsborough counties. Absentee and early voting ballots already are being stockpiled in election offices. On election day, both counties will offer free bus … [Read more...]

Money spoke loudly in this year’s election

He showed up around 6:30 a.m., just as the sun was starting to rise above the horizon. His place was in a side parking lot at Bridgeway Church, located on Wells Road in Wesley Chapel, and he came ready for the day. Nick Burgess put signs up around his pickup truck, touting his older brother Danny Burgess, who was running for Florida House District 38. Nick was staying until polls closed … [Read more...]

Inaccurate campaign fliers confusing voters

Thousands of voters in Pasco County and across the state opened their mailboxes this weekend to find a flier from the Gov. Rick Scott campaign telling them their absentee ballots should have arrived. Yet, there were no absentee ballots waiting for them. "As of 7:30 this morning, we've been getting phone calls from all over the state, everyone wondering where their absentee ballots were," … [Read more...]

Wilson ousted by Wells, Moore heading to November

There hasn't been an incumbent victory in Pasco County Commission's District 4 seat since 2002. And that streak will continue through at least 2018. Henry Wilson Jr., who surprised everyone four years ago to unseat incumbent Mike Cox, was no match for Mike Wells Jr., who took the election in the open primary Tuesday, and will become the newest member of the county commission later this … [Read more...]

Nearly 6,000 turn out for early voting

Getting out the vote is not easy for any election, but it's especially difficult during primary season in non-Presidential election years. Yet, elections offices like the one in Pasco County is doing everything they can to attract voters, and there is at least some good news from Brian Corley's office as early voting wraps up late Saturday night. More than 23,000 ballots have been cast in … [Read more...]

Porter campus a possible early voting site

It won’t open until January, and the midterm elections are even farther off, but the Pasco County Supervisor of Elections is already eyeing Pasco-Hernando Community College’s Porter Campus at Wiregrass as a possible early voting site. Corley mentioned the idea during the monthly meeting of the Greater Wesley Chamber of Commerce’s monthly meeting of its economic development … [Read more...]