Yes, Virginia, he is Santa Claus

If you believe 970-WFLA personality Tedd Webb, the radio career of Pat George started simply by being in the right place at the right time. George was a janitor at WDAE in the 1970s when a personality called in sick. And because George could operate the broadcast board, he was allowed to fill in. The rest is history. He officially joined WRBQ-FM — informally known as Q105 — in 1979, and … [Read more...]

In Print: A hospital for Connerton, and a chat with St. Nick

An area has come into its own when it has added a hospital. And Connerton has taken a huge step in that direction. Pasco County's Development Review Committee has given an initial approval on the second phase of Connerton's overall project — and that includes early plans for a 150-bed hospital. "What we're doing right now is securing approval of the entitlement limits so that can decide … [Read more...]