Higher density approved near Town of St. Leo

The Pasco County Commission has approved a land use change and rezoning to allow increased development at the edge of the Town of St. Leo, despite the Town’s objections. The approved rezoning allows up to 600 dwellings, 340,000 square feet of commercial and 60,000 square feet of office on 177 acres at the southwest corner of State Road 52 and Prospect Road. Under the approved land use change, … [Read more...]

San Antonio takes St. Leo to court over development

San Antonio is taking St. Leo to court — that is, unless St. Leo town officials work out a settlement with its neighbor instead. City officials in San Antonio filed a suit against St. Leo in Pasco County's Sixth Judicial Circuit claiming town officials there violated its comprehensive land use plan and development codes by allowing what San Antonio has called an "industrial style" facility in … [Read more...]

Lake Jovita de-annexation passes House, Senate

The fate of Lake Jovita and St. Leo is now on its way to Gov. Rick Scott's desk. The Florida Senate today passed H.B. 1401 by a 40-0 vote, after it was withdrawn from the Rules Committee there. That votes comes just days after the Florida House approved it 118-1, with only state Rep. Daphne Campbell, D-Miami, voting against it. H.B. 1401 was filed by state Rep. Amanda Murphy, D-New Port … [Read more...]

De-annexing Lake Jovita could create mess on St. Leo commission

The results of a recent election in the town of Saint Leo and a bill making its way through the Legislature could be on a collision course that may result in a town commissioner resigning, a special election or an appointment to the commission by Gov. Rick Scott. All of these scenarios are possible. It all boils down to the fact that the town’s commission may soon lack a quorum. The … [Read more...]