Plantation Palms drainage project approved

Plantation Palms and Pasco County have agreed to a deal that will result in a $2.99 million drainage project — which will be paid for by residents in the Central Pasco community through the creation of a Municipal Service Benefit Unit (MSBU). As part of the deal, the county will stabilize the north ditch, with a project that’s approximately 1,700 feet long. Plans have been prepared by the … [Read more...]

Is your memory problem a normal part of aging, or a form of dementia?

Those attending Dr. Andrew E. Budson’s talks at the Plantation Palms Golf Club in Land O’ Lakes last week had two key takeaways. First, if you’re having problems with your memory, go to a doctor who specializes in memory issues. In some cases, the problem may be the result of something that’s completely reversible, and even when it’s not, the sooner treatment begins, the better, said … [Read more...]

Plantation Palms Golf Club is in the swing of things

Golf is teeing off again at Plantation Palms Golf Club. After two years of uncertainty over the fate of the golf course and adjoining restaurant, owners of Ace Golf are ready to reopen the four-star Golf Digest golf course to club members on Nov. 30, and to the public on Dec. 5. The on-site restaurant, Mulligans Irish Pub, opened to the public in October, according to a news release from … [Read more...]

Dwindling ranks of golfers handicap golf courses

Golf courses are in trouble, and Florida — which boasts more golf courses than any other state in the nation — could be hit the hardest. The latest to experience trouble is Scotland Yards Golf Club on U.S. 301 in Dade City. The bank that holds the mortgage on the course, First National Bank of Pasco, started foreclosure proceedings against the 100-acre course last month. However, course owner … [Read more...]

In Print: A day on the links? Or maybe a good book to read?

There has been a lot of bad news about golf courses lately, especially when it comes to places like Plantation Palms Golf Club in Land O' Lakes — and more recently, some financial issues at Scotland Yards in Dade City. But are golf courses on the way out? Or is this simply a correction in the market? "Golf was in its heyday 20 or 30 years ago, when that was the thing to do, both socially and … [Read more...]

For sale: Plantation Palms Golf Club

For months, questions have lingered on what's going to happen with Plantation Palms Golf Club, the 156-acre property that closed in May. But Thursday, at least one of those major questions were answered when the golf course went on the market ... as a short sale. Dennis Realty has listed the "legendary golf course" for $1.2 million, down from the $2.2 million MJS Golf Club LLC paid for … [Read more...]

Homeowners worry about value drain from golf course

In the three months since the links at Plantation Palms Golf Club closed, a homeowners association has been left powerless, and confused neighbors listen to any rumor they can about the fate of the 156-acre course. A small party tent, which once provided shade to golfers near the clubhouse, now sits neglected, its dirty canopy flapping in the wind. Equipment that used to keep the greens … [Read more...]

In Print: Is living in Pasco but working in Hillsborough all that bad?

It's something it seems people hear all the time. There are a lot of places to live in Pasco County, but not really a lot of places to work. That's why so many people head south on Interstate 75, U.S. 41 and the Suncoast Parkway every morning, and local leaders are working hard to try and reverse that trend and lower commute times. But not everyone thinks the daily commute is all that bad. … [Read more...]

Plantation Palms Golf Club closes down once again

Unless you’re a resident, a guest or a vendor, anyone thinking about trying to get into the Plantation Palms community off Collier Parkway should think again. The community is on lockdown, even during the day. And it’s all because the golf course has shut down … again. Nine months after closing for a week, Plantation Palms Golf Club has shuttered its links once again, and this time … [Read more...]

In Print: Golf course closes again, authors gather, and ‘Oklahoma!’

The gates to the Plantation Palms community are now closed to the general public after the struggling Plantation Palms Golf Club has shuttered once again. And no one knows when it might be back. The homeowners association there says that while the golf course is private property and not their responsibility, what happens to it could affect the value of the 875 homes there. "Many of our … [Read more...]