Weekly recycling coming soon to Pasco County

The Pasco County Commission has approved weekly curbside recycling, with haulers having 90 days to make the transition to the once-a-week recycling pickups. Recycling previously was picked up twice a month. Community Development Districts and Homeowner Associations can continue on their current recycling contract until their individual contracts with haulers expire, but once that happens, … [Read more...]

Proposed recycling amendment met with concerns

An amendment to reshape Pasco County’s recycling collection was an agenda of importance at the Board of County Commissioners meeting on May 21. The proposal was first introduced by the county’s Solid Waste and Resource Recovery Department at a board workshop in April. It came in response to a 2017 survey, which showed that over 75 percent of its Pasco County respondents preferred a higher … [Read more...]

Pasco is testing a new recycling program

Pasco County commissioners are eager to roll out a new countywide recycling program. But, first they need to wait for the results of a seven-month pilot study to test the use of carts and pickup schedules. “My vision is to expand this as quickly as possible to the rest of the county,” said Pasco County Commission Chairman Mike Wells Jr. “It’s exciting that we’re doing this.” Two haulers — … [Read more...]